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The ever-surging popularity of the hoodie is easy to understand. This apparel is simple, functional and stylish in equal measures. Some time ago, people wore hoodies for their morning jogs or for yard chores. Those sweatshirts were rather bland and boring. But today’s hoodies are not only snug and comfortable, they make a unique fashion statement with crazy cool designs.

The humble hoodie has quite a colorful history. Over the past century, this piece of apparel has been worn by athletes on sidelines and rebellious youth, famous rappers and tech geniuses. It was briefly banned from some public places, but today, we are witnessing the golden era of hoodie acceptance. Thanks to fashion’s love affair with streetwear, almost every brand, from H&M to Supreme and Gucci, has a hoodie in a fresh collection. In this list, we have compiled some of the most impressive designs.

20 Cool Hoodie for a Stylish Look

1. Realistic 3D Digital Print Hoodie

3d digital hoodie

With 3D print technology, you can have any image on the whole item, including the back, sleeves and even the hood. Such hoodies are bold, stylish and vibrant. The coolest thing is that you can print anything you want. Customize your hoodie and let it speak for you. You can have flexibility, freedom, and style—everything you need from a cool hoodie.

Price: $11-21

2. Polo Ralph Lauren Hi-Tech Popover Hoodie

Polo Ralph Loren hoodie

Nostalgia for the‘90s style is among the biggest trends now. This hoodie by Ralph Lauren reintroduces some ideas from the “good old times.” The H-Tech collection features lightweight durable nylon fabric, an American flag patch, bright coloring, and a kangaroo pocket, as well as a concealed hood, suitable for windy weather. It is also water-repellent and has adjustable hook-and-loop tabs at the cuffs. This half-zip pullover is expensive and hard to find, but definitely worth it.

Price: $280

3. The Game of Thrones Hoodie

The Game of Thrones Hoodie

An official Game of Thrones hoodie, designed for the most stylish GOT fans. The front is embroidered with the Stark family’s crest, while the back is emblazoned with a much larger version of the same. No one will question which side you support when you are wearing this hoodie. It is made with soft cotton and a polyester blend, and it features a faux fur-lined hood to keep you extra warm during the cold season. Winter is coming.

Price: $40

4. Dragon Ball Z Hoodie

Dragon Ball Z Hoodie

Anime hoodies are a huge trend now. There is a big chance that you watched Dragon Ball when you were a kid, and wanted to be Goku. This cool and colorful hoodie can make your dream come true, at least visually. You will look just like your favorite character after a training session. The top has a slim fit and runs true to size. If you think orange is not your color, it is available in six others.

Price: $19

5. WWF Wrestling Chair Panda Hoodie

WWF Wrestling Chair Panda Hoodie

WWF abbreviation can mean a lot of things. In this hoodie, it is a wordplay with the World Wildlife Fund and World Wrestling Federation. A panda is a symbol of wild nature conservation, but with the chair, it becomes a nice pun.

Pandas are common guests on clothes. They are usually seen as unbearably cute and vulnerably rare. But sometimes, a panda hoodie goes wild and cool.

Price: $30

6. Born x Raised Wish You Were Here Hoodie

Born x Raised Wish You Were Here Hoodie

A tie-dye design is a big hit now, but it can be too much to look at. This comfortable hoodie from Born x Raised is seemingly modest. The design with California vibes features few hits of color along with brushstroke lettering paying homage to the Pacific Coast Highway. It fits true to size.

Price: $210

7. Galaxy Zip-Up Hoodie

Galaxy Zip-Up Hoodie

If you ever wanted to be an astronaut, you can start admiring the Milky Way with this hoodie. It is not only undoubtedly stylish but also makes a good conversation starter. The zip-up hoodie is printed, cut and sewn in the USA with a soft, cotton-like 100% poly material. With the newest printing technology, space art becomes a part of the fabric itself, so it will not fade or crack. If treated well, it will stay vibrant for many years.

Price: $65

8. Off-White Mona Lisa Hoodie

Off-White Mona Lisa Hoodie

Off-White is one of the brands that turned a hoodie into a luxury item. The label by a famous architect and creative director for Kanye West Virgil Abloh is at the forefront of stunting statement streetwear. This hoodie is instantly noticeable with its pure red color, an eye-catching Mona Lisa print and cursive iteration of the label's branding in white. You’ll have to pay a premium, but the coolness of this hoodie is over the top.

Price: $300

9. Camouflaged Diamond Hoodie

Camouflaged Diamond Hoodie

This design definitely tells a story. It has a diamond, but not a shining one. The shine is concealed with a camouflage pattern. Maybe you feel just like that diamond: shining inside but looking dirty from the outside. The Artix hoodie is available in a variety of colors from Irish green to safety pink. Made in California.

Price: $22-27

10. Revenge Kill Hoodie

Revenge Kill Hoodie

There is a controversial story behind Revenge brand and its collaboration with rapper XXXTentacion. But there is no doubt this label brought something new in the streetwear culture and made the Revenge hoodie with a “kill hand” on the back unique. The brand sells drops, so now you can find the classics only on the secondary market. Nevertheless, the coolness of this hoodie is worth the hunt.

Price: $280

11. Crystal 3D Graphic Hoodie

Crystal 3D Graphic Hoodie


With the invention of 3D print, hoodie designs are becoming more and more daedal. They make you stare at them as if they were puzzles or masterpieces. So if you want to be looked at, this hoodie from Pandolah can make you an object of attention.

Price: $20-25

12. Champion LIFE Exclusive Hoodie

Champion LIFE Exclusive Hoodie

This hoodie not only has a cool design but also cool history and functionality. ​Champion seems to have been around forever. This century-old activewear brand has been making top quality sweatshirts since 1919. In recent years its popularity skyrocketed with numerous collaborations in the luxury street fashion segment. A blue ombre hued top with Champion iconic emblems will make a great addition to your stylish wardrobe.

Price: $125

13. Chicken Ramen Hoodie

Chicken Ramen Hoodie

It does look pretty odd to wear a bowl of noodle soup. But if you like a good meal, make this a statement and have no qualms about it. You can also find hoodies with meat patterns or a Nutella design, so just choose whatever tastes best for you. Feedback says you’d better go a size up if in doubt. It is comfortable to wear and feels silky.

Price: $26

14. Gucci Rainbow Hooded Sweatshirt

Gucci Rainbow Hooded Sweatshirt

As luxury as it can get. Flamboyant designer Alessandro Michele has made Gucci a sensational streetwear buzz. The upscale label is now appealing both to Cote d’Azur yachtsmen and to rich Instagram kids. The brand brought its classic approach to the hoodie — with colorful logos, statement prints, and look-at-me branding. The price is a bit over the top, but it is handcrafted with luxurious cotton in Italy.

Price: $1,000

15. 80’s Colorblock Hoodie

80’s Colorblock Hoodie

One of the coolest hoodies in the mass market. It is created for those looking for something to brighten up everyday monotony, define the style and just keep the warmth. The design is not too bold, yet noticeable. It’s got long sleeves with ribbed banding at cuffs, an adjustable drawstring hood, and a kangaroo pocket to store your phone, keys or maybe a couple of candy bars.

Price: $38

16. Ahegao Hoodie

Ahegao Hoodie

The trend of ahegao hoodie may feel a little bit embarrassing, but it does not diminish the coolness of this hoodie. Ahegao is a Japanese word for facial expression of pleasure in erotic anime and manga. You should be brave enough to wear a hentai hoodie in public. However, Reddit knows tons of examples.

Price: $30

17. Kenzo Tiger Hoodie

Kenzo Tiger Hoodie

Roaring sportswear look for those splurging for a designer option. Kenzo’s hoodie with iconic tiger embroidery has been trending for several seasons now. It has bold neon colors and a recognizable logo that adds a cool factor, so you can flaunt the beautiful feline across your chest.

Price: $300

18. NASA Logo Hoodie

NASA Logo Hoodie

NASA logos are just everywhere, from mass market to luxury brands collections. The huge interest in the National Space Agency looks like a wildcard, given that SpaceX and Virgin Galactics are trying to reach Mars without them. Nevertheless, the NASA hoodie will give you a nostalgic coolness, especially if you are an outer space enthusiast or always dreamed to be an astronaut.

Price: $39

19. Bright Neon Hooded Sweatshirts

Bright Neon Hooded Sweatshirts
Five vivid neon colors to make a statement. This hoodie is for those who want to live on the bright side. It is not only cool but also soft and high-quality. There is a front pouch pocket, rib knit cuffs and waistband for your maximum comfort. Fits best if ordered in a larger size.

Price: $25-29

20.You Matter Hoodie

You Matter Hoodie

You Matter hoodie is cool not only because of its design and colors but because of the cause. hoodie is a piece that speaks openly about mental health problems. It was created by an internet celebrity Demetrius Harmon to support people with depression. Their cause is to help people speak up about their feelings. 

Piece: $60

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Cool Hoodie

Hoodies are very versatile garments in today’s world. They perform many functions – from keeping warmth in the winter to styling your lookup. Finding your perfect hoodie comes down to several factors you should consider before ordering the coolest one.

- Fabrics. Cotton is soft and breathable, but wool keeps warmer, polyester and blends are elastic and resist wrinkling, while the fleece is very lightweight.

- Type. A hoodie can be zip-up, cropped, pullover and many more.

- Design. You can have it in plain grey or with a bold 3D print, in neon color or with your favorite team logo.

- Constitution. Choose a hoodie that flatters your body type.

- Quality. Check the stitching, both inside and out.

- Price. It is totally up to you to pay a little extra for better quality or an upscale brand logo.

It is hardly possible to pick out the coolest hoodie. The choice is totally yours, so you’d better rely on your own taste, style, and wallet. But whatever you choose, it will be a great addition to your wardrobe.