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Our Hoodie-losophie

We think that wearing a good hoodie is like staying wrapped in a special love blanket all day long. Bonus: you can walk around in it ;)

A hoodie isn’t your average garment. It’s more like a second skin! Hoodies are versatile, beyond cosy and perfect for any activity: shopping, travelling, chilling, working out or just going to work.

We believe that everyone deserves to have an affordable, comfy, well-made “signature” hoodie that will not shred, fade or lose shape after a few wears.

But getting yourself that “prized” hoodie ain’t simple. Dang those prices from popular sports brands. And high street stuff doesn’t always hold up well. Plus, you can literary walk into a person wearing the same hoodie on the same day you purchase it, ugh.

So we decided to launch our own shop, specializing in premium quality hoodies for an affordable price.


Premium base quality + unique prints = ChampionHoodie


After a series of crash tests, we’ve selected the best hoodies from popular brands including Champion, Gildan, American Apparel, Hanes and a few others. Their materials are the best and will serve you well for years.

But that’s not it: using print-on-demand technology we’ve upgraded the base models with unique, memorable and personalized prints. Every hoodie we produce is one of a kind. Every design is created by a talented author with their unique style & ethos.

Good-bye, fast fashion and overproduction! We don’t want to contribute to the global waste, hence we chose to create limited-edition collections, produced on-demand.

Beyond hoodies, we also sell sweatshirts, jackets and accessories from the same brands, upgraded with our unique designs.

ChampionHoodie regularly partners with up & coming designers, and we’d love to help you sell your prints. To join, please drop us a message.

We are always in search of new trends and frequently add new models to our line-up. Stay tuned for new designs!

- ChampionHoodie team