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The 3,000-year history of the hoodie


A hoodie is many things. It is a staple of comfort, one of the most utilitarian garment ever. Yet it is undeniably stylish. It can be your softshell for a TV night on a couch, your activewear for a run, a party outfit, or a lifesaver when you want some privacy. A Champion hoodie is a perfect choice for anyone striving for comfort.

Beyond the simplicity of a hoodie, there is a whole history of different meanings and symbolism. From Ancient Greek and Rome statues to Medieval monks. From ladies riding a horse to a secret date to New York rappers and graffiti artists. A hood was used to escape into an isolated world, to hide a face, to feel safe. In the 1930s, a company now known as Champion introduced a product as we know it today as hoodie. It was a functional activewear piece made for athletes and outdoor workers to keep them warm.

Almost a hundred years later, a hoodie is worn by anyone anywhere. Form kids on the streets to IT-businessmen, from runaway models and hip hop stars to stay-at-home moms. A long sleeve jersey shirt with a hood attached has become a symbol of power, but also a shell of comfort. The most basic garment has the whole world of possibilities attached.

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