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The 3,000-year history of the hoodie


We can easily say that there is no such an amazing garment in human history than a hoodie. Since ancient times, people prefer to cover their heads with capes or capotes. Then, in Middle Ages some roomy clothes with capes that we can call hoodie's analog were common in use especially among monks (see the resemblance between words cape and Capuchin). Even later, in the XVII century that type of garments still was in use. It was a necessity for those who wanted to hide from prying eyes to wear a cloak with a hood - one more hoodie analog.

Today the clothes we call "hoodie" is a roomy Tolstoy shirt sewn of Jersey cotton with a hood attached. As usual, it also has a drawstring and sometimes a kangaroo pocket on its front side (the last was designed firstly in 30s and get its own name as a Champion Hoodie).

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