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Panda Hoodie Image

Pandas are cute. You can’t argue with that. The black and white bears have a superpower to attract attention and admiration. It makes one of the reasons why we see them everywhere, from clothes to kitchenware. A panda hoodie can tell other people that you love these creatures or that you feel like one: beautifully lazy or vanishingly rare.

Panda Hoodie: Reasons For Pandas’ Enduring Popularity

There are less than 2,000 pandas in the wild and about 500 bred in captivity. Their natural habitat is forests of Chinese mountains. The peaceful animal is adored by the whole world and is considered a national treasure in China. However, there is more behind their exalted status than just unBEARable cuteness.

They resemble babies

Pandas have big eyes, round heads and cherubic bodies — the traits that remind us of babies. Humans are naturally programmed to emotionally respond to that childish looks. We reflexively admire them and want to take care of them.

The eye patches make panda’s eyes look even bigger. However, they also can be associated with lack of sleep or bad make-up. It makes us think, pandas are just like us people: need more time in bed and hate mornings, at least apparently.

Pandas’ gestures also remind us of ourselves. For example, they eat using their hands and sitting up.

panda zoo

We “envy” their life

The life of a panda in the zoo seems like a dream to some people. They just eat, sleep and play. People envy panda’s relaxed movements and calm dignity they accept the adorations with. However, this laziness is easily explained by a monotonous diet. Pandas eat almost exclusively bamboo shoots, up to 30 kg every day. This food is low in nutrients, so the bears have to save energy by limiting movements.

They are cultural symbols

WWF made the panda into a symbol in 1961. To convince us about the importance of conservation, the organization put Chi Chi, a giant panda from London Zoo, on the logo. The image of a furry animal become appealing to millions and we can now see some upward dynamic in pandas’ population.

But for China, the panda is much more than an icon of conservation. It is a national treasure and one of the most popular symbols of China. It plays a huge role in diplomacy. Lending a panda to other country’s zoo takes years of negotiations at the highest level. That is why there are so few pandas outside of China; Beijing only gives them to friends.

The country organizes Giant Panda International Culture Weeks in Beijing and abroad. At this exhibition everything, from world classic art to cups and envelopes are panda-themed.

panda art picture


They are rare

Pandas are among the most endangered animals in the world. And we people like rare things.

However, it is almost impossible to document the actual number of pandas in existence. In the wild, these animals are very elusive. They can move away higher and deeper into the forests and mountains, to places out of human reach.

For a long time, giant pandas were officially listed on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's list of endangered species. In 2016, they were promoted to ‘vulnerable', since the population finally started to grow. Nevertheless, these furry beasts are still at risk because of deforestation and hunting.

They are controversial

There are a lot of inconsistencies about pandas that make them even cuter. For example, they are classified as carnivores but choose to eat bamboo 99% of the time. This diet contributes to the image of peaceful animals.

Second, pandas noticeable appearance does not hinder their enigmatic and elusive nature. And in spite of sheer bulk, they are excellent tree climbers. An adult panda can weigh up to 150 kg, while a newborn is almost 900 times smaller.

little pandas zoo

Panda Hoodie - The Panda Symbolism

Beyond its cuteness, the panda can mean a lot of things, especially when declared with clothing or accessories.

  • Balance. With its black and white fur, pandas are often compared to the yin and yang. The animals’ calm demeanor supports this idea of finding harmony in the surrounding chaos.
  • Slowing down. Do not try to do too much. The panda calls to be a little bit lazier and focus on one thing at a time: chewing bamboo, for example.
  • Gentle strength. Pandas look very kind. They have enormous power, yet prefer not to use it. Like in Panda Kung Fu movie.

Overall, panda symbolism is about being gentle but strong in the things that you do or believe in.

Top 15 Panda Hoodies

1. A Girl Who Loves Pandas, Panda Hoodie 


just a girl who love panda hoodie


A girlish pullover available in black and blue is an excellent gift idea for panda fans. Whether you like them for their appearance or root for protection, this hoodie declares your love for cute bears. It fits pretty loose and is made of cotton/polyester blend.

Price: $35

2. I Hate Mornings Panda Hoodie

i hate mornings Panda Hoodie brown

People often see pandas as lazy sleeping bears and their black eye patches intensify the idea. This printed hoodie is for those who would love to sleep more. It is made in the USA and the material is 50/50 cotton polyester blend. It also has pouch pockets and strings on the hood.

Price $22-26

3. Dabbing Panda Hoodie

Dabbing Panda Hoodie Fun

Look at this cute graphic of panda bear doing the famous dab dance move. Dabbing animals have been trending for some time now. This hoodie would be a great addition to a wardrobe of a playful and fun-loving person. A seller says it mostly fits true to size and is made of 80/20 cotton and polyester blend.

Price: $32

4. Panda Face Cozy Pullover Hoodie

Stylish Panda Pullover

If a panda is your spirit animal, you can dress like a panda yourself. A cozy and soft panda face hoodie is a perfect home outfit. It is also pairs well with your favorite shorts, skinny jeans or leggings for a casual everyday look. The hoodie has long sleeves and a pocket to keep you warm. This one usually runs small to size, so pay attention to the measurement.

Price: $15

5. Cartoon Panda Hoodie

grey cartoon panda hoodie
The grey and white hoodie with cartoon design is unbearably sweet. It is made of durable and high-quality polyester and suits for daily wearing as well as for a friendly party.
This top runs smaller to the size. A seller advises choosing one or two sizes larger than you usually wear.

Price: $8

6. Cute Panda Printed 3D Hoodies

cute panda hoodie galaxy

Made of a comfortable cotton blend, this hoodie is soft, comfortable and breathable. But above this, it has an adorable full cover design. The 3D print is made with advanced thermal transfer technology and environmentally friendly ink. It does not fade, crack or peel off. It is recommended to wash the hoodie in cold water.

Price: $29-33

7. Love Grey Crop Panda Hoodie

Love Grey Crop Panda Hoodie White

Another cute stylish hoodie for the panda admires. This one is cropped and goes well with high waist pants. It makes an excellent present for girls, especially teens. A seller promises durable materials (polyester), suitable for daily wearing, sports, parties and a variety of other occasions.

Price: $12

8. Riot Society Panda Rose Hoodie

Riot Society Panda Rose Hoodie Black

This one is the most expensive hoodie in the list, but also the most creative. Riot Society is an American brand based in California that offers to add some excitement to your wardrobe. This hoodie with a panda face, a rose, and Chinese writing is sure to get you some attention. The sweatshirt is made of 50/50 cotton polyester blend. The seller promises that the graphics will not degrade or fade over time..

Price: $55

9. Plush ZipperPandaHoodie

 Panda Plush Zipper Hoodie Girl

Get yourself the biggest hood possible. This panda zipper hoodie with large ears is made of fluffy plush, which is soft and skin-friendly. It has a loose fit silhouette, two side pockets, and a wild vibe. A seller promises this cardigan is flattering on all body types and suits for chilly weather. Hand wash is recommended.

Price: $12-17

10. Panda Harmony Hoodie

Panda Harmony hoodie black white

Panda’s black and white coloring remind of harmony and Yin Yang symbol. This hoodie is to calm yourself and remember to keep balance in life. The sweatshirt does not have a pocket but has comfortable double-needle cuffs and waistband. It fits smaller, so it is recommended to choose one or two sizes bigger than usual. Casual design suits well for school and cool evenings.

Price $11

11.Anime Panda Hoodie

Cute Anime Panda Hoodie

A kawaii hoodie of cotton/polyester fleece knit has a deep front pocket and a drawcord inside. It is printed in the United States and available in different colors. It fits as expected in most cases. A seller warns that the design may look smaller on bigger sizes.

Price: $25

12. Banksy Bad Panda with Guns Hoodie

Banksy Bad Panda with Guns Hoodie Ears
A panda brandishing two guns is often associated with British artist Banksy. While it follows a recurring Banksy theme of mismatching characters of peace with weapons of war, some claims the painting actually belongs to French artist Julien d’Andon. Despite the controversy, the design is still cool. It is also a logo of Bad Panda Records company.

This sweatshirt is cropped and has ears on the hood. It is made of 30% cotton and 70% polyester fabrics, which is soft and comfortable. Runs mostly true to size.

Price $20

13. Hi Panda Couple Hoodie

Hi Panda Couple Hoodie Red

Hi Panda is a rebellious Chinese brand, for those willing to be distinguished. They made a cute panda angry to represent independent youth who do not want to comply with the rules of traditional society. A design with the grumpy animal is extremely popular in China and abroad. The brand started with sculptures in 2000. You can find hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts and even jeans with this motif. The hoodie is 100% cotton and has a comfortable fit.

Price $20

14. Sugar Skull Panda Hoodie

Sugar Skull Panda Hoodie

This item is about mixing cultures, a panda made in sugar skulls technic. It goes well together because both pandas and the Mexican art style have big black eye patches. Sugar skulls are used to represent a departed soul during the celebration of the Day of the Dead. It is believed that they return home to enjoy the offering on the altar. This design is made with heat press print on front, and the backside is plain.

Price $22

15. Panda Time Hoodie

Panda Time Hoodie

This cute hoodie with an eye-catching design is perfect for daily use. High definition pictures made with modern printing technology will add brightness to your wardrobe. A seller promises it won’t peel and the colors will remain vivid. It is also available in a variety of sizes up to 5XL. Thanks to the blend fabrics, the shirt will stay feeling comfortable after numerous washes.

Price: $25

How to Choose Your Panda Hoodie

In order to choose it right, pay attention to fabrics and printing methods, as well as the fit and sizing. A lot of items are made in Asia and runs smaller than US sizes. Besides, you need to wash it right. Most of the hoodies are machine washable, but with cold water.

The panda is easy to draw recognize. It is an unmistakable symbol for cuteness and wild nature, slow life and balance. The popularity of pandas is so big, they have even replaced the dragon as an emblem of China. Hoodies with pandas are not just comfortable clothing items, but also good conversation starters. They help you to stand out from the crowd with a variety of styles, from cute and funny to rebellious and wild.