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Red Hoodie

Ruby and scarlet, crimson and burgundy, candy apple and cherry. Red has a lot of shades and is the alpha-male of the color palette. It is the emphasis itself,  the showstopper, the double underline, the pressure, the passion, and the power. Red sets on fire runways and streets alike. It is anything but neutral, and the camera loves it. The fashion world and hip-hop culture embrace the bold trend to make a statement. But its meaning can vary a lot. 

The Power of Red Hoodie

Red is unrivaled when it comes to symbolism. It rules both saints and sinners and its connotations change from culture to culture. In the Western world, red is aggressive and seductive, while in Nepal it is associated with purity, dignity, and honor. It means luck in China, mourning in parts of Africa and sex in Amsterdam's red-light district. It is the color of danger and lust, passion and anger, love and war, Valentine’s Day and horror films. It is shared by Republicans and communist, Santa Claus and cardinals. It is the surge of adrenaline in a sports car. It releases the energy you never know you have. Your statement in red will be seen and heard for sure, but make no mistake with the emotion you want to communicate.

red color


Red means a lot of things to a lot of people. It is fused to our primal instincts and affects the subconscious. For example, sportsmen who play in red are more likely to win because of higher levels of testosterone. On the other side, if you receive a test in a red folder, there are higher chances you fail than if it was in any other color. 

Red grabs attention and makes you energetic and alert. A red dress can be both job-winning and date-scoring. It is a confidence booster, but it also depletes. Red requires a summoning of self, a projection outwards. You cannot retreat in red. Like anything with combustible potential, red has to be approached with caution. 

How to Style a Red Hoodie

Despite its contradictory meanings, red is a classic color. It suits any occasion and can brighten up any outfit. A red hoodie is a great idea if you want to feel powerful in a casual outfit. Just remember to be careful and do not overload your look with eye-catching details.

Choose your shade

Red comes in many different hues, and it is important to find the one that compliments your skin tone. For example, olive and darker skin look great with coral or rusty red. Pinky red like ruby and berry works best for a fair complexion. Cold shades of red will make you look paler (cold subtone of red lipstick will whiten your teeth). The darker shades like burgundy suit most skin tones.

Red and Denim

Red and blue may be an unexpected combination, but the calmness of light jeans balances the aggressiveness of red. Try to pair a hoodie with ripped skinnies and sneakers for a laid-back look. Culottes and heels are perfect for the chic yet comfortable ensemble. Gray jeans are also a fail-safe relaxed casual option.

Red and Leather

Red and black create a perfect bold look. Try wearing a hoodie with a leather skirt or skinny pants on a date. This ensemble exudes confidence. A leather jacket would be a great addition to a layered look, with gray pants for example. 

Red Hoodie and Leather

Layered Nudes and Pastel
You can never go wrong with a combo of red and nudes. A camel or cream trench will not only keep you warm but add a business vibe. Combining red with pink, mustard or silver is the latest trend. You can add a pastel bag or necklace to rock the look. Denim or leather jackets also work perfectly for a layered look with a red hoodie.

Total Red

As bold as it can get. Wear a red hoodie with sweatpants of the same tone for an ensemble that can be styled in tons of different ways. Add white heeled sandals to infuse the elegance in the look. Or choose a pair of black chunky lace-up boots to put a glamorous spin. 

In most cases, the red piece of your outfit plays the first fiddle, so it’s better to pair it with something more humble. Good combinations are grey and blue, white and black, pastel pink and neutral brown. Do not mess up with active accessories as well. Let your red hoodie be a star. 

Red, worn with intent, is the quickest, surest way to get attention. We have chosen fifteen vivid and stylish hoodies that can intensify your casual wardrobe. 

Red Hoodies to Make a Statement

1.Plain red hoodie

Plain red hoodie

Red is an ideal color to step out of your comfort zone. If you are on a budget, but still want to rock your everyday style, choose a mass-market piece, like this H&M hooded sweatshirt. It has a kangaroo pocket and ribbing at cuffs and hem. Made of a soft cotton-polyester blend, it is perfect for gloomy days. 

Price: $7 on a sale (regular price $25)

2.Heron Peston NASA Hoodie

nasa red hoodie 

New York streetwear designer Heron Preston is praised to be a ‘hype innovator’. Indeed, he started to use NASA insignia before the mass market. This hoodie has a long relaxed silhouette, a hood with drawstring tie fastening and a graphic print to the front. It is a 100% cotton piece made to impress everyone around. 

Price: $520

3. Champion Life Red Hoodie 

champion red hoodie

Champion is a 100-year-old brand are well known for its quality. This reverse weave hoodie is a fresh twist on the iconic logo. The mix of metallic Old English lettering and felt appliques creates a stand out street look. The hoodie is made of cotton-rich heavyweight fleece, brushed inside for softness. 

Price: $75 

4. Versace Medusa Logo Print Hoodie

versace medusa red hoodie

The signature graphics of Versace fashion house coupled with vibrant color will make everybody look back at you. The logo print hoodie so timeless that it becomes a part of the permanent collection. Drawstrings, multicolored brand embroidery, and a ribbed hem and cuffs add to the comfort and style. Made in Italy with 100% cotton. 

Price: $530

5. Moncler Grenoble Dark Red Hoodie 

moncler red hoodie

A bold piece forms a new collection of Moncler Grenoble, a luxury label known for its high-performance ski wear since 1952. This hoodie is a fuse of technology, comfort, and style. The red and black print is made with polyamide, which makes it remarkably insulating yet lightweight. It is perfect for mountain holidays both on and off the slopes.

Price: $775 

6. Off-White Diag Unfinished Hoodie

off white red hoodie

Off-white is an ultra-hyped brand that sits at the intersection of art, commerce, and popular culture. The luxury streetwear features fresh designs that make people think. This hoodie is an off-duty piece with a signature brand twist: unfinished diagonals at sleeves and unfinished arrows at back. It is subtle and bold at the same time. 

Price: $490

7. Nike Red Hoodie

Nike red hoodie

The Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Hoodie updates a classic laid-back staple with the lightweight warmth of high-tech fabric. Designed with a 2-way zipper and 3-panel streamlined hood, it guarantees streamlined coverage and relaxed fit. Open hand pockets are reinforced for extra durability.

Price: $100

8. Supreme Chihuahua Hoodie

supreme red hoodie

Not only will this hoodie keep you from feeling cold in winter, but the colour will keep you looking hot, and the brand will keep others envy. Supreme is one of the most coveted labels today. Immerse yourself in New York’s skateboarding culture with a bold print of a chihuahua. This piece if a collaboration with artist Chris Cunningham. Add some relaxed elegance by styling it with a pair of nude skinny trousers.

Price: $229

9. Hooded Red Crop Top 

hooded red crop top

A cropped cotton hoodie in a vivid color is a fashion statement in itself. Pair it with high waisted jeans, pants or skirt and rock the party. The piece features white leather stripes on the sleeves and contrast drawstrings. The fabric is lightweight and soft.

Price: $7-23

10. Red Adidas Trefoil Logo Hoodie

red adidas hoodie

A sportswear giant Adidas has cemented itself as an essential figure in contemporary sportswear. This cozy hoodie, inspired by the color of love, celebrates the iconic Trefoil logo with soft and comfortable cotton. A kangaroo pouch pocket keeps your everyday belongings close. 

Price: $57

11. Casual Zip-up Red Hoodie 

casual red hoodie

The best thing about a bold color like red is that it can turn any garment into a statement piece. Even a basic zip-up hoodie in red looks outstanding and unique. And a wide hood adds an interesting design touch. It is made with 90% cotton and 10% polyester and is suitable for machine wash. Perfect to keep you warm and stylish.

Price: $27

12. North Face Red Hoodie 

north face red hoodie


The motto on the back of this midweight hoodie says “Never stop exploring”. Famous for its mountain gear, The North Face gives you a layer to keep warmer between hitting the trails and going to the party. Standard fit, raglan sleeves and kangaroo hand pocket just adds to the comfort.

Price: $50

13. Opening Ceremony Red Unisex Hoodie

opening ceremony red hoodie

Opening Ceremony is a multilateral label from downtown New York that adopts an eclectic mix of styles. A box logo hoodie with floral ornament and details offers a whimsical, vintage-chic aesthetic. The fit is baggy and suits both men and women.

Price: $220

14. Paterson Eastside Marble Hoodie

paterson red hoodie

A red marble hoodie from Paterson latest collection is a dyed sweatshirt with a drawstring hood,  kangaroo pocket, ribbed cuffs and hem, and embroidered logo on chest. It’s raspberry-meat color and dyed treatment is unusual enough to make you stand out from the crowd.

Price: $56-139

15. John Legend Love Red Hoodie 

jonh legend love red hoodie

This simple yet meaningful red hoodie is a merch from singer and songwriter John Legend. It is a perfect a comfortable vivid sweater to stay warm and support an artist. Love is the answer and we have nothing to add here.  

Price: $60

Red is the fashion code for all seasons. The powerful and exciting color makes a strong visual impact. Moreover, the hue complements almost all skin tones. This color is for those unafraid to assert themselves and be adventurous. With a red hoodie, you can make a statement without doing anything. A fitted crimson hoodie makes you look sharp and self-assured. It says you are in charge.