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The rising trend of the embroidered hoodies  

The embroidery on clothes at all times is called admiration. Today, embroidery on clothes is gaining more and more recognition from modern fashion designers, show business stars, and ordinary people. Embroidered hoodies are gaining more and more popularity in everyday wear. The embroidered hoodie testifies to the wearer's originality and his or her ability to stand out from the crowd. Thus, embroidery transforms familiar hoodies into unique, stylish, eye-catching clothing.

Hoodies from famous designers

Such famous brands as Champion, Kenzo, Papaya have already repeatedly declared their love for embroidery, releasing embroidered hoodies in their collections. Intricate ornaments and exquisite graphics, according to the designers, allow you to get away from the dull image and its simplicity. 

Embroidered Hoodie trend

These branded items will cost you from $ 120 (for a champion hoodie) to $ 350 (for a Kenzo hoodie) when you buy them. Floral and vintage designs complement versatile textiles. Products from world brands are works of art that you can admire endlessly!
Less established brands also produce good quality embroidered hoodies at an affordable price. We advise you to pay attention to them this fall.

blue Embroidered Hoodie

The Staple Hoodie will cost you $ 70.20 Just look at this incredible color. Embroidered large pigeon gives this hoodie originality and freshness. 

black Embroidered Hoodie

The Kuro Kimono Hoodie will cost you $ 69.99. The manufacturer promises that with this hoodie, you will not freeze in the fall/winter season.

women Embroidered Hoodies

men Embroidered Hoodies

Floral prints are on trend again. Therefore, you should pay attention to these hoodies. They will add even more color to your everyday look. Their cost ranges from $ 7 to $ 65.

Star style

The stars of the first magnitude stylishly combine embroidered hoodies with other elements of clothing. Such combinations help them look original and feel comfortable.
Kim Kardashian confidently combines embroidered hoodies with stiletto heels, but that is a controversial combination. You can learn such self-confidence. 

 Kim Kardashian hoodie

Madison Beer also prefers to combine comfort with sporty style. Who would have thought that an embroidered hoodie would look so elegant when paired with sweatpants?

women hoodie

Singer Zayan is another lover of bright embroidered hoodies.

Men Embroidered Hoodie

Embroidered hoodies for women and men

Embroidered patterns add charm to bold oversized - look and ethnic-inspired clothes. Embroidery fans are not only among the famous brands but also among ordinary people. You can increasingly see a hoodie decorated with the floral, plant, or abstract designs embroidered on the textile.

Hoodies for women

Embroidered hoodies perfectly combine originality and comfort. If you wear these hoodies with classic suits, then your image will become attractive to those around you. Your look will be exceptionally stylish and beautiful if you wear an embroidered hoodie over a dress. An embroidered hoodie paired with jeans makes look bright and light.

Fila Embroidered Hoodie

Hoodies for men

Hoodies with embroidered patterns can be worn by literally everyone, from shocking, creative individuals to the male gender most brutal representatives. The embroidered ornament gives originality and uniqueness to such things. Men's embroidered hoodies can make your look particularly masculine, romantic, or soft. Hoodies go well with both jeans and sweatpants.

Champion Embroidered Hoodie

The main mistakes when choosing clothes

Outfits with such decoration have extraordinary elegance and exclusivity. However, when creating your look, you should always remember about limits. Embroidery on everyday clothes should be the highlight of the image, its addition. So, a bright embroidered pattern will favorably complement the strict style of clothing. Clothes with embroidered patterns that are bright in color can look overly shocking. The look created with the embroidered hoodie should be harmonious in the first place.

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