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Cute Hoodie

The world seems to be obsessed with cuteness. Instagram videos of animals doing things have millions of views, bunny ears are the most popular filter in Snapchat and Hello Kitty brand generates $5 billion a year. “Make it cute” is the newest fashion mantra: pink hair, cartoonish prints, pastel colors, and micro bags are the hottest trends. Even streetwear has come to the sweet side. You can find hoodies with unicorns and pandas, cat ears or bear tails, in pastel colors and made with plush. This is cute.

Cute Hoodie. What is Behind the Cult of Cuteness

The theory of cuteness goes back into the 1940s when the Austrian zoologist Konrad Lorenz published his work about the Kindchenschema. It was a set of infantile physical features that explained the aww-factor. Babyish appearance, like a big head, a round face with fat cheeks and wide open large eyes, stimulates our caretaking behavior. Lorenz said that it had the evolutionary function to protect the offsprings. 

In 2012, a study of the University of Michigan come up with the determinants of cuteness:  smallness, roundness, tiltedness, and lightness of the color.  In today’s world full of ugliness and danger, cute animals and things feel harmless and innocent. Even looking at them stimulates our pleasure centers. 

tokyo fashion


Japan is probably the best-known example of the cult of cuteness with its kawaii culture. Originally a counterculture of prolonged childhood, it is now seeped out into every layer of society. The country has hundreds of cuddly mascots represent everything from football teams to prisons, who even compete for the title of the cutest. 

But cuteness not only sells. It also can help us to stay focused on important tasks. The research conducted at the University of Hiroshima found that our productivity increase after viewing pictures of kittens and puppies. 

Wearing a cute hoodie not only keeps you warm and brings you joy but also helps to tide you over. Here is the list to help you choose the cutest one.

Top 20 Cute Hoodies

1. Hello Kitty Character Hoodie

hello kitty hoodie

Hello Kitty is probably the most known symbol of cuteness. She has a round face, wide-open eyes, and a bow and is here to remind you about the joy of childhood. With its frills, minimalistic cartoon stickers, and gentle red color, this hoodie has a schoolgirl appeal. It is made of a soft cotton and polyester blend, is machine washable and fits true to size.

Price: $20

2. Bunny Ears Casual Hoodie

bunny ears hoodie 

Light color, a little rabbit on the chest and, of course, long bunny ears on the hood are the traits that make this hoodie sweet and cute. It looks very comfortable with the kangaroo pocket and rib-knit cuffs. Perfect match for your favorite shorts, leggings and skinny jeans. Sizes run small, so pay attention to the measurements. Available in various colors.

Price: $7-9

3. Kawaii Cartoon Hoodie

kawaii hoodie

These reading, eating, and drinking creatures have everything you want from cuteness. They have chubby faces and round bodies, small ears, and saucer-like eyes. They look clumsy, harmless and charming, and they will make you smile for sure. The material of the hoodie is cotton and fleece. Reviews say it’s very cozy, a big baggy and look cute with leggings.

Price: $29

4. Bear Hooded Sweatshirt 

bear hoodie

Teddy bears are loveable and remind us of childhood. This hoodie has a bear in front, pompoms on strings, ribbons on sleeves, and nice ears on the hood. You can feel yourself almost like a furry fandom. The seller promises that the fabric is soft and breathable. The pullover runs one size smaller than usual US size.

Price: $16

5. Plush Panda Cute Hoodie

Panda cute hoodie

If you fall for black and white panda charm, this hoodie is what you are looking for. It is warm, comfortable and has a huge hood. Eyes, ears and a tail adds to the sweetness. The zip-up hoodie has two side pockets. The seller says it is flattering for all body types. Remember to wash with care, use cold water and do not machine dry.

Price: $14

6. Double Velvet Bear Shape Coat Hoodie

velvet bear hoodie

You can be a teddy bear yourself. This plush, soft and warm hoodie is made for winter nights or cold spring evenings. Ears on the hood add extra cuteness. The jacket is made in one size, suitable for the height from 158 to 170 cm and the weight up to 65 kg.  

Price: $33

7. Peanut Butter & Jelly Matching Hoodies

peanut butter hoodie

What can be cuter than a loving couple? Peanut butter and jelly go so well together. Just like you two. The hoodies have a unisex fit and are sold in a set of two. You can wear them on special occasions like anniversaries or Valentine’s day, or just on vacation trip to Disneyland. The seller also offers to customize it with your text or date on the back.

Price: $45

8. Kawaii Dinosaur Cute Hoodie 

Kawaii Dinosaur Cute Hoodie

Even dinosaurs can be cute if they are in orange and blue. This hoodie is made of colorful patches and has soft spikes on the back and sleeves. It will make a kid of any age roaring happily. 

Price: $17

9. Cropped Unicorn Hoodie 

unicorn hoodie

Unicorns are magical creatures, but we do want them to exist in reality. At least, we can make it with a hoodie. This cutie has stars in eyes and blushing cheeks. The top is made for kids up to 12 years old and shipped in small sizes only. 

Price: $12

10. Shiba Inu Dog Hoodie

shiba inu hoodie

Shiba Inu dog became famous back in 2013 thanks to the Doge Internet meme. But is still cute today. This hoodie is designed in the most fashionable district of Tokyo Harajuku. It is made with soft and comfortable cotton and has a big smiling dog on the back, and a small one in the front pocket. The sizes are Asian, so you should take one size bigger than you normally wear or refer to the measurement tables

Price: $32

11. Creepy Cute Hoodie

creepy cute hoodie

This hoodie has a print with an injured bunny and exploits the creepy cute trend. It has a thing that typically looks gross, like blood and injury and makes it look adorable with stereotypical "cute" traits, like oversized eyes, a round head, and light colors. This hoodie is oversized, it is wider but a bit shorter than the usual sweatshirt.

Price: $45

12. My Little Pony Hoodie 

my little pony hoodie

Pinky Pie is an idol for little girls around the world. It is a cute pony who has a lot of friends and laughs a lot. This hoodie is just adorable with a pink color, big eyes of the pony, ears and mane on the hood. It has a zipper and is made of a soft cotton-polyester blend

Price: $15-40

13. Levi's X Hello Kitty Hoodie

Levis Hello Kitty Hoodie

Both Hello Kitty and Levi’s are iconic brands. At the beginning of 2019, they presented a charming collaboration capsule. Since neither of the brands seems to be going out of style, we can rock these logos at any age. The hoodie has a slouchy fit, a front pocket, and ribbed cuffs and hem.

Price: $80

14. It’s 5 am Somewhere Baby Hoodie

Its 5 am somewhere baby

Hoodies for babies are probably the cutest. This one is in green mint color and has a sweet design with a milk bottle. Ears make it even more adorable. It is made with an ultra-plush cotton blend, to keep your baby warm and soft. 

Price: $25

15. Narwhal Cute Hoodie

Narwhal cute hoodie

Narwhals are the real unicorns of the sea. In the wild, they are not very cute, but this design is just amazing. The hoodie is made with soft cotton material. It has a unique lace design and cute drawstrings. Sizes are Asian and run small. 

Price: $30

16. Unicorn Jacket Hoodie

unicorn jacket hoodie

You can feel yourself a magical creature! This hoodie has eyes, ears and even the horn on the hood. It is made with white and pink flannel, has a zipper and front hand pockets. You can also find it in other colors, including rainbow design.

Price: $40

17. Hooded Cape 

Hooded Cape

With rabbit ears and a cute animal pattern along the hem, this hoodie is calm but adorable. It has an unusual poncho fit and the fabric of good quality. Available in several color options. This hoodie is a bit short and most suitable for children.

Price: $40

18. Shiba Inu Costume Hoodie

Shiba Inu Costume hoodie

A tail, ears and unbearably cute footprints on the sleeves. If you wear a hood, it will look like you are in a costume. This hoodie has a slim fit, is warm and comfortable. The seller promises no fading colors and fabulous touch feeling of the fabric. Reviews say it is warm, snug and fluffy. 

19. Bicolor Cute Hoodie

Bicolor Cute Hoodie

This hoodie has a kawaii design with a rabbit and a cat, drawstrings with a carrot and a cat paw. These small details contribute to sweetness. Also, it has short sleeves, therefore is good for warmer weather. And the ears on the hood seem to be essential for every cute hoodie. 

Price: $18

20. Rainbow Unicorn Hoodie

Rainbow Unicorn Hoodie 

This hoodie is a great conversation starter. The rainbow design is vivid, vibrant and very noticeable. A solid horn on the hoodie with two big eyes and two ears makes the unicorn jacket charming. However, this unicorn seems to have a little bit of a cat face with whiskers. The hoodie also has a front pocket to keep your hands warm or to store small things. The zipper is made with eco-friendly material. The fabric is 95%Polyester and 5%Spandex, which makes it durable, lightweight and breathable. 

Price: $19-22

Cute Hoodie.. Summary

Cuteness is not only about those sweet baby features of cartoon animals. It gives us the “aww” feeling, but it also is about empathy and affinity to others. It is a very social thing, an invitation to engage and communicate. Something cute is approachable, engaging and lovable in a way that anything beautiful is not. So if you want to have more social interactions, buy yourself a cute hoodie.