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couple hoodies

Love deserves to be seen. When you find your soulmate, you want to tell the world about your warm feelings. You want to give compliments, presents, and express your affection to this special person. We have a perfect gift idea for you. Buy matching couple hoodies and wear them together to show the whole world that you’re made for each other.  

A hoodie is a timeless fashion staple. It is a great fit both for outdoor activities and cozy home evenings. You can wear them at a party or at school, to meet friends, and to go shopping. A cool hoodie is a comfy canvas to declare that you’re no longer single. While wearing matching outfits together, you will be spreading the love around.

The ideas for matching hoodies for couples are limitless. There are as many designs as there are love stories. You can choose a hoodie with a romantic message, a fun one, a cool bold style, or a cute floral picture. It can also be custom printed with your names or anniversary date. With high-quality fabrics and thoughtful design, the two of you will grab the attention of everyone around. 

You might feel lost in an endless sea of options, but we’re here to help. Here is a list of the most interesting relationship hoodies and where to buy them. We’re sure they will make a perfect, meaningful anniversary gift or make your time together more memorable. Each style has a special meaning, so go ahead and choose what’s most suitable for the two of you

20 Cool Matching Couple Hoodies to Rock Together in 2020

1.King and Queen Hoodie Set

king qeen hoodie set

You are a King and Queen to each other. This seemingly simple design is nevertheless undeniably stylish. With elegant minimalist hoodies, you will feel like royals and catch the stares of passersby when you walk together. Your feelings for each other will grow even bigger with a warm and comfy set. 

The hoodies are made with a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester and feature double-needle stitching at the waistbands and cuffs. They are printed in the USA, have a standard unisex fit, and run true to size. Available in four different colors and sizes from S to 3XL, the hoodies are perfect to wear all year long. 

Price: $38-46

2. Beauty and the Beast Matching Hoodies 

beauty hoodie

The story of Beauty and the Beast is one of the most romantic and inspiring tales of the world. It teaches us that true love can trump any boundaries and conquer all obstacles. In the end, love comes out triumphant. If you ever had to fight for your love, this is the hoodie for you. It is made with a light and soft preshrunk cotton and polyester blend, with high stitch density and smooth printing canvas. Front kangaroo pocket and ribbed cuffs and waistband are to ensure extra comfort. This quality will serve you for years.

Price: $60

3. Ketchup & Mustard Couple Hoodies

mustard ketchup

They are not the same, but they go so well together. Just like you two. This set of unisex hoodies could be a perfect Halloween costume. Spice up that party by switching hoodies every now and then. Only you can decide who is who. 

The hoodies are made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton. It is comfortable, soft, and durable. The seller offers money-back guarantee and fast shipping. 

Price: $37-47

4. WE MatchingCouple Hoodies

couple hoodies

These hoodies are matching, but not unisex or interchangeable. His hoodie is a regular fit with the W letter, and hers is cropped with an E. Both are in a bold red color with yellow stripes. The set is perfect for a loving couple, so if you are looking for a present for your friends’ anniversary, this is a great idea. The hoodies are sung and comfy, made with soft 100% cotton. The seller offers free shipping for orders over 50 dollars. 

Price: $48 

5. Killing Me or Making Me Stronger

kill me or make me stronger

You know what they say; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. If your relationship is tough, but you still have a sense of humor, opt for these hoodies. They are funny and meaningful. You can choose among various colors, from pink and blue to gray, black, and navy. The set has a unisex fit and is available in sizes from small to 5XL. 

Price: $40 on sale

6. Hubby & Wifey Hoodies for Newlyweds

hubby wifey hoodie

Sometimes less is more. These hoodies are super simple and yet they celebrate love to its fullest. With a whimsy font, they show the world that you are happily married. This set makes a nice present for newlyweds whom can wear them on honeymoon to get used to their new status of a husband and a wife. 

The material is soft and cozy. You can have your set in black, light gray, or dark gray. These colors are neutral and suit every person. The sizing is unisex; it is recommended to order a size down for women, otherwise the fit will be very loose. You can also personalize your hoodies with a date or name. 

Price: $68

7. PizzaCouple Hoodies

pizza couple hoodie

This set is unbearably cute, romantic, and funny at the same time. A pizza isn’t complete without a slice; they belong to each other. If the same applies to your heart since you met your soulmate, these hoodies are perfect for you. The connection between you two will be seen from a distance. 

The hoodies are sold individually and the sizing is unisex. You can also find sweatshirts and t-shirts with this design. Everything is 100% cotton, light, and comfortable. 

Price: from $46 for a pair.

8. If Lost Return To Babe Set

if lose return baby hoodie

The babe is the hero of the day. These funny couple hoodies are a perfect way to rejoice your togetherness in front of the crowd. You will look amazing no matter where you go. The hoodies sweatshirts are made with a 50/50 cotton polyester blend. The brand offers good quality of prints made in the USA. Moreover, you can customize the back of the hoodie with your special date or names. 

Price: $45

9. Bonnie and Clyde Couple Hoodies

bonnie clyde couple hoodie

In real life, Bonnie and Clyde were actual criminals who always stuck together. But they also exist in our hearts as characters of a heartwarming movie. These romantic matching hoodies with a floral design on the back are telling the world that you are partners in crime and troublemakers who go on adventures together. You can choose a black, gray, or white color and the text with a roses or poppies texture.

The seller assures that he uses skin-friendly ink and no harmful chemicals. The hoodies are made of 80% ring-spun cotton and 20% polyester. 

Price: $64

10. Pac-Man Matching Hoodies

pac man marching hoodie

Are you the generation that played Pac-Man in their childhood? We are, which is why these cute hoodies are here. They are funny, nostalgic, and remind you of those great careless days. They also invite you to play games together. The set is available in three colors: black, blue, and grey. The material is 80/20 cotton and polyester blend. The seller uses eco-friendly inks and promises that printing is durable and secure. You’ll have a 100% money-back guarantee on non-personalized orders.

Price: $60

11. Together Since Custom Couple Hoodies

together since custom hoodies

Whether you’ve been in love for a month or five decades, get dressed to announce your relationship to the world. This set is a great anniversary present which means that you remember your special date. The simple yet endearing concept serves as proof of your enduring bonding. Plus, you can make even more indelible memories in them.

The hoodies are made of soft cotton and polyester. The seller offers customization, so you can print your own special year. You can also request to make the print on the front. Sizing of all models is unisex. 

Price: $32

12. Mickey M<span style="text-decoration: underline;">ouse Funny Couple Hoodie</span><span style="text-decoration: underline;">s </span>

mickey mouse couple hoodies

You can never go wrong with Disney-inspired gifts. Mickey and Minnie's couple incarnates the essence of love. They are true soulmates, just like you two. If both of you like cartoons and feel childish, you should try wearing these hoodies together. They are sweet, funny, and warm, just like the relationship of Mickey and Minnie. 

This set is made in the USA with 100% cotton preshrunk. The sizing is unisex and varies from S to 2XL. You can choose grey/black or black/red hoodies.

Price: $70

13. I Love you, I Know Set 

i love you I know you hoodie

Sometimes when we hear “I love you” we become awkward and, instead of saying it back, we just joke, “I know”. These hoodies are a joke; the message is bold, but it will put a smile on your face. It is also a fun Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift, which humbly says that you do not wait for a declaration of love from your partner. You just want them to know. 

Price: $34-38

14. Incomplete Hoodies

incomplete hoodie

These hoodies suit not only a couple of lovers, but also best friends. The slogan “Nothing makes sense when we’re apart” is printed across both pieces, so when you stand together it can be read in full. But, separately, the words do not make much sense.

The hoodies are made with a premium quality ring-spun cotton blend. They have a great soft feel and comfortable retail fit. The seller promises that the print will not crack or fade for years.

Price: $40

15. Friends Couple Hoodies

friends couple hoodie

If you and your partner are fans of the Friends series, then this set is right up your alley. Tell the world around you that you two are more than friends; you are a happy couple. Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to showcase your love and let each other know how special you are.
These hoodies will keep you cozy and warm in winter. They feature a double-lined hood, pouch pockets, and a ribbed collar, cuffs, and waistbands. The sizes are unisex and, with the selection of colors, you can find the one that suits you best. 

Price: $47-50

16. Salt and Pepper Hoodies

salt papper hoodie

Everyone needs a go-to, cozy hoodie to curl up in. You should go for one that's soft, smooth, and stylish. This set is perfect for cooler evenings and, at the same time, it will make great a sign of love. The concept of salt and pepper togetherness is simple yet very effective. The two completely distinct entities come together to make an unbreakable union.

The hoodies are made of 50/50 cotton polyester blend with reduced pilling and softer air-jet spun yarn. They have double-lined hoods with matching draw-cords and front pockets. 

Price: $62

17. An Adorable Girlfriend Matching Hoodies

red matching hoodies

We can’t think of a better gift for a girlfriend. It’s a cozy hoodie, a compliment, and a declaration of love at the same time. It will magically work out if you’ve quarreled before. 

The set is made of a heavyweight cotton material which promises excellent quality, comfort, and fun. The red color will get you both noticed on streets and at parties. 

Price: $45

18. Train Together Set 

train together set hoodies

This set is perfect for a fitness couple and will make a gorgeous training outfit. The caption on the back says, “Train together stay together”. You can wear them to a gym or when running outdoors so that everyone knows you’re not alone here. 

The sizing and fit are unisex, available from S to 5XL. The hoodies have ribbed cuffs and waistband with spandex, matching draw-cords, and pouch pockets.  

Price: $76

19. Nike Matching Hoodies

Nike matching hoodies

Hoodies are one of the most comfortable clothing assets that suit everyone. Even though they’ve become a streetwear staple, they’ve always been great for sports. These hoodies are nothing fancy or funny, but they are of great quality. As a clothing company, Nike represents the combination of classic style with soft comfort. Brushed-back fleece is extra smooth against the skin. You can choose from several different colors, including salmon pink and dark green, and buy the same or different for you and your partner.

Price: $90 for a pair

20. Heart Couple Hoodies 

hearth couple hoodies

If it feels like your heart skips a beat when you see your partner, you must be seriously in love. These hoodies printed with heartbeat design are a perfect way to show your emotions to your partner. The minimalist design and simple message create a powerful expression of undying loyalty to the love of your life.

The material is 50% cotton and 50% polyester preshrunk fleece. Funny thing, these hoodies are made on Gildan apparel, the same that ASSC uses to print its highly-priced hoodies. 

Price: $60

Couple hoodies. Verdict. 

This list can go on and on. There are as many couple hoodies designs, as there are ways to keep your flame of love alive. So if you want to buy matching clothes to brighten up your relationship, we hope this list of hoodies for couples will help you accomplish your goal.

Couple or family matching hoodies are an ingenious way to celebrate your love in a variety of styles and designs. Why not make it a tradition to give each other these spec.