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XXXL Hoodies

It may come as a surprising fact, but according to research, about a third of US women by age 25 are considered plus size, and by age 33, this percentage goes up to 44%. The most common size is 14 (UK 18). At the same time, only some 20% of clothes are made in this size or larger. A YouGov survey showed that 34% of UK men have problems finding clothes to fit their bodies. Off-the-peg sizes from popular retailers do not suit their shape. They fit in one part and squeeze others. This leaves hundreds of thousands of people with limited choices and lower quality. 

The good news is that the same research predicts the rapid growth of the plus-size apparel market. It goes up twice as fast as the overall clothing industry. The Acute Market Research says that the global market of plus-size apparel is valued at $178 billion and will increase by 4 percent annually through 2028.

Nowadays leading athleisure brands and key retailer chains all have their own plus-sized collections. You can find those in Adidas and Nike, Target, and Marks & Spencer. There are also companies that devoted themselves to clothing inclusivity. They sell apparel from the smallest to the largest sizes. For example, Universal Standard has hoodies for full-figured people in size 40.

Another issue with XXXL apparel is the tailoring that does not fit plus-size people’s bodies. While we come in all shapes, most manufacturers just take a medium-sized human’s measurements and scale them up or down, because designing and fitting are costly. However, in real life that doesn’t work well. The ratio simply becomes wrong. The size might be correct, but the fit is not. But do not worry, we found some brands that specialize in clothes for bigger people. They prioritize the right fit and know how to do the right things. 

10 Best Fitting 3XL Hoodies 

Earlier it was really hard to find plus sizes apparel that fit well in mass-market shops. One should have tailored their suits and therefore clothing pieces were much more expensive. Now it’s not the case. More and more brands and clothing companies choose to cater to a wider diversity of people. This is just a small list of XXXL hoodies we like.

1. Amy Pullover Hoodie, $88

Amy Pullover Hoodie

This is the piece by Universal Standard, one of the most size-inclusive apparel brands. It is offered in a few colors but in an impressive number of sizes from 00 to 40 (4XL). The manufacturer uses advanced fitting approaches to construction. With a variety of models, they show how a hoodie will look on different bodies. Moreover, the company offers an innovative Fit Liberty program: return a “slightly used” garment if your size goes up or down during a year. 

We believe that in the time of lockdown there is no better outfit than a plush and comfy hoodie. But it will also come in handy later, for your long-awaited long walks and trips. Fun fact, the website describes this hoodie as “the sweatshirt equivalent to hot chocolate”.

2. Nike Sportswear Swoosh, $70

Nike Sportswear Swoosh

An athleisure and sportswear giant Nike first launched a plus-size collection in 2017. Since then, it has been manufacturing bright colored apparel up to XXXL. Nike has added bigger mannequins in its shops and invited plus-size influencers to collaborate.

This sporty and cozy hoodie is made with the softest fleece and is available in rich neon colors as well as black and white. It can be your best companion both on a walk and on a couch. To ensure the best fit, for sizes from 1X to 3X, it has a different cut than the same model in smaller sizes. 

3. Hype Blue Sport Tape Hoody, $65

Hype Blue Sport Tape Hoody

Jamaco is an original UK plus size shop for men established in 2007. It has its own label, but also stocks brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste. Moreover, they have merch of your beloved UK football teams for sale. All in sizes up to 5XL. 

This hoodie is made with 100% cotton, has tape quite details on sleeves and crest branding on the chest. Looks like something fancier than your regular home hoodie. It is pure cotton and machine washable. 

4. Levi’s Graphic Hoodie, $60 

Levi’s Graphic Hoodie

An iconic denim brand also has some great sweatshirts to offer. Moreover, it has awesome blue hoodies in XXXL size. Levi’s is known for embracing people of all shapes and sizes, especially when it comes to jeans and tops that go with them. The brand has an extensive big & tall range, which even offer belts for bigger men.
This everyday crewneck sweatshirt is in a regular fit, not too wide and not too narrow. Yellow graphic on the chest pairs well with the delicate indigo color. The material is a soft cotton polyester blend.

5. Wild Fable Hoodie from Target, $22

Wild Fable Hoodie from Target

Stylish loungewear on a budget. Retail giant Target is known for providing basic and comfortable apparel. This beige tie-dye hoodie is no exception. It is available in extended sizes up to 4XL, has an oversized silhouette, hit at the hip, drop shoulders, and an inconspicuous kangaroo pocket. Made with 100 percent recycled cotton, it is pretty and eco-friendly. 

6. Big & Tall Pure Cotton Hoodie, $40

Big & Tall Pure Cotton Hoodie

A basic yet elegant XXXL hoodie by Marks & Spencer. Though the retailer specialized in shirts and suits, it also has a variety of hoodies to offer. The fits and cuts of the “Big and Tall” collection are made with larger people in mind. They compliment your complexion both with timeless and trendy looks. This zipped jacket is made with pure cotton, has drawstrings on the hood, and ribbed trip.

7. The “ever and evermore” hoodie, $58

The “ever and evermore” hoodie

For all fans of pop music, who had ever had troubles finding the merch of their favorite artists in the needed size. This is the hoodie from Taylor Swift’s “Evermore” merch collection and it goes up to size 3X. The beautiful dark olive green color looks vintage. The lyric “ever and evermore” is embroidered on the chest and the “ts” label is woven on the hip seam. The material is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. 

8.Alpha Industries Black NASA Space Shuttle Hoodie, $135

Alpha Industries Black NASA Space Shuttle HoodieWho didn’t dream to become an astronaut in childhood? With this hoodie, your dream comes almost true. Alpha Industries was founded in 1959. Back then it focused on clothes for the army. Today its specialty is the highest quality hoodies with the iconic NASA logo. This one has a double-layered hood and a red “remove before flight” tag as a nice touch. Made of soft cotton/polyester blend. 

By the way, Bad Rhino is a UK shop that offers apparel in sizes up to 8XL. It has its own brand as well, but also ships a lot of other clothes at affordable prices. The range of sizes is pretty encouraging. Most of the items are low-key casual basics. 



On the market of plus-size athleisure, Adidas makes headway along with Nike. This cropped hoodie provides another level of comfort to the classic piece. It is a stylish essential with the Trefoil logo and iconic three stripes. It will bring you chic in any style, whether you choose to mix colors or stay monochrome. 

The material is cotton-blend French terry, the softest thing ever. The fit is designed with your comfort in mind. Loose crop gives enough space to feel comfy and together with high-waisted pants, it will boost your confidence to a new level.

10. Chic and Cosy Hoodie by 11 Honore, $140

Chic and Cosy Hoodie by 11 Honore

It may look like a plain black item, yet this hoodie is a chic piece of construction genius. The designer behind the brand, Danielle Williams, pulled together a group of diverse women. She asked them to try her pieces on to ensure the fit is flattering. 

This hoodie has a lot of nice touches, like slightly dropped shoulders, side slits that allow more room, a kangaroo pocket, and a relaxed fit. The fleece it is made of is soft yet structured. This hoodie is everything you need for a cozy evening or a fancy date. 

Style Tips to Flatter Curves

Each body is unique and beautiful, deserves to be seen as stylish, and to feel comfortable. So instead of hiding it, you can make the most out of your shape with the help of a few tips. Hopefully, they will help you to know what to look for while shopping and what to stay away from. 

1. Keep balance. Everything is allowed when you wear it in moderation or balance it with simpler pieces. This is the universal rule that works for every shape. Square a crazy-patterned pants with a plain blouse or an extravagant top with a neutral bottom, an oversized hoodie with a fitted skirt. This just means you should put an accent on one part of your body, not on everything at once.

2. Embrace street style.This type of fashion has a lot to offer. It basically consists of the most comfortable apparel like hoodies, tee-shirts, wide trousers and so on. A lot of pieces are oversized, yet most of them are bright and catchy.

3. Go for fitted items.We know that wide tops are the most comfortable and forgiving. Yet you do not have to hide your body all the time. No, we do not recommend a clingy skin-tight outfit. Yet clothes that follow your curves, define your figure without constricting it are your best bet. 

4. Try it with a belt. This accessory can come in handy when you want to try something new. Or when a piece you love doesn’t fit perfectly. Either way, you can be surprised how your look will change when you add only this one item.

You can wear a belt in three different places: on your waist (to define and accentuate it), below your bust (this will put an emphasis on the upper part of the body), or on the hips (this helps to draw the attention away from the belly). Everything depends on the body type and the outfit.  

5. You can experiment with colors and patterns.We are often taught that the XXXL body should not wear bright clothes and draw too much attention. This is not true at all. Of course, black can make you look slimmer, but it is also boring. Vivid colors can give you energy and make you feel better. Moreover, the right shade can underline your skin tone and make it look fresh. So instead of another black or grey hoodie, choose a yellow or a blue one. 

Safety rule: start small. Even tiny bright details can dramatically change your look. In a hoodie ensemble, it could be a belt or shoes. The same is true about large patterns and stripes. Just do not wear small prints, they may get lost. The best option we suggest is watercolor prints. They are truly flattering. 

6. Confidence is the best accessory. Easier said than done. Yet there are a lot of things that can help you achieve it. If an outfit makes you feel good, go for it. Do your best to like yourself in a mirror and without it. Use meditation techniques, skincare, or your favorite perfume. It’s all in our heads. If you do not like what you see, either change it or accept it. 

7. Shop the right size.Obviously, one can’t take an S-size dress and scale it up to XXXL. This piece won’t look good on a real plus size person. So when you go shopping, take a look at measurements, not only on sizes. Besides, it is always preferred if you can try the item and look in the mirror. It’s better to return a purchase than regret it. 

Trends, bright colors, style, and fashion are created not only for skinny people. Everyone can be stylish regardless of their size and shape. For any type, there are clothes that flatter the body, its curves, and angles. Of course, you do not have to follow every whim from a runaway if they aren’t great for you. But you also are not sentenced to oversized boring loungewear or casual home clothes. You can have it all: comfort, functionality, and style.