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Vlone hoodie

VLONE hoodies - The future of street fashion has already arrived.

At one time, the central message of streetwear was its practicality and versatility. Nowadays, street fashion is a philosophy of self-expression; it is a way to express your feelings through clothes. The leading street style expert and philosopher is ASAP Bari. With his clothing brand VLONE, the future of street fashion has already arrived!

Jabari Shelton (ASAP Bari) was born in 1991 in Harlem, New York. Today he is a renowned streetwear designer and co-founder of the hip-hop group ASAP Mob. Imbued with the spirit of rap culture, Jabari Shelton (ASAP Bari) in 2013 releases a collection of streetwear. The group presents Bari's interpretation of the future of street fashion in close connection with rap culture. Live alone, die alone. That is the central message of the collection. ASAP Bari showed us a simple truth with the help of clothes, minus friends means 0 friends. Yea!

Initially, the collection included hats, sweatshirts, and T-shirts. But the “V” logo became so popular that the designer had to expand the collection. VlONE hoodies became the main adornment of the VLONE brand. "This is how I see the future: without borders and limits. At ASAP, we just play our game and watch with excitement as more and more people join us, ”says Jabari Shelton.

VLONE hoodies - A feeling that can be shared

VLONE hoodies include the main trends of the fall-winter 2020 season - bright shades and voluminous silhouettes. The oversize size makes clothes as comfortable as possible, and colorful prints make you recognizable in everyday life. After analyzing buyers' preferences, we have compiled a list of the five most popular hoodies that will help diversify your wardrobe in the 2020-2021 season.

long style vlone hoodie

1.VLONE HOODIE | Pullovers Unisex Street Style Long Sleeves Hoodies

That is our love! A white hoodie may well become a basic in your wardrobe. It will look great regardless of your sex. The VLONE hoodie looks excellent when paired with joggers, leather, or baggy pants. Price for one piece - $ 285.

street style vlone hoodie

2.VLONE HOODIE | Skull Unisex Street Style Logo Hoodies

The designer has drawn a signature "V" logo in the shape of 2 bones. This exciting presentation makes this hoodie stand out from the rest. The short length will suit both fragile girls who want to emphasize their femininity and brutal men who wish to emphasize their rebellious character. Price for one piece - $ 417.

long sleeve vlone hoodie

3.VLONE HOODIE | Unisex Street Style Long Sleeves Plain Cotton Logo Hoodie

What happens after hours stays after hours - this inscription shouts to us. That is what we talked about - it's not just clothes, it's philosophy. If you want to express yourself, then this VLONE hoodie is for you! The price for one piece is 523 dollars. 

street style plain logo vlone hoodie

4.VLONE HOODIE | Street Style Plain Logo Hoodies

Already today, fashion experts say that eggplant will be a fashionable color in 2021. So this VLONE hoodie from VLONE will help you dilute your wardrobe with new trendy colors, as well as dilute your everyday monochrome look. Price for one piece - $ 869.

hot street style vlone hoodie

5.VLONE HOODIE | Street Style Logo Hoodies

The bright and colorful juice world hoodie will add color not only to your clothes but also to your life! Your clothes together with VLONE hoodies can have a vast number of all kinds of variations, so you can choose a stylish look for yourself that you will easily combine with other clothes from your wardrobe. The price for one piece is 471 dollars. 

VLONE is not fashion, but it's life


Thousands of orders from fans of the brand confirmed the popularity of VLONE. The spirit of freedom combined with style in every detail of ASAP Bari's clothes: basic black and white colors, bright neon logos, embroidery. "I'm not high fashion. I'm a fashionable hoodie," says Shelton, confirming that VLONE style is life.