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Tie dye hoodie

Tie dye fashion has been around forever. You might remember the times about fifty years ago when that trend for spreading love and peace has arisen. Then the tie dye pattern was just born. You could see those liquidy rainbow spirals on T-shirts and hoodies for all ages. But this year, you can see tie dye hoodies and other garments all over our social media feeds. In the first weeks of quarantine, the tie dye sweatsuit became the official uniform for everyone - from fancy celebrities stuck at home to hype-house teens.

What are the reasons why did tie dye hoodie become so popular this year?

We think everyone has already seen those cute pastel tie dye hoodie all over social media. In our opinion, it has become a so-called quarantine dress code. Let's first see why everyone loved the tie-dye patterned clothes so much, especially hoodies.

1. They are affordable.Any tie dye can be done at home yourself inexpensively. If you see a cute rainbow tie dyed sweatsuit on a celebrity like the young influential models like Hailey Bieber, there's a high chance that it is brand-new and costs a lot. But you can get some regular white clothes and the liquid dye from the nearest store, and do it yourself. There's a variety of patterns to try, and making a tie dye hoodie would be a cool idea for a crafternoon.

2. All are similar, but each one is unique. A psychological reason why we loved tie dye this year is that we can feel united with all the other people and blend in but stand out at the same time. With that saying, the beauty of tie dye designs is that any time you create a new one, your result will differ from all the others because it depends on where you put the paint and what amount of it, and also there's a very low chance of securing the rubber bands in exactly the same places making the same folding lines.

 Unique tie dye hoodie

3. Nostalgia and relaxation. Scientists have found out that nostalgia can have wonderful effects like making you more energized and motivated, and happier in general. It can help someone to overcome autumn seasonal sadness. It's also scientifically proved that the level of dopamine is rising during the time between tying the bands and seeing the final results of your work.

4. Influencers do their thing.There have become two types of them: the cute ones and the crafty ones. The first type shows us how cool the tie dye hoodie or any other piece of clothing can look. They promote different brands that sell the desired style. After we are inspired to keep up with the ti -dye fashion, the crafty type will show us how to tie dye something ourselves. All of the influencers get profit from promotions, and we enjoy the clothes we buy or the result of our art process.

Influencers tie dye hoodies

Tie Dye Hoodie - what are some of the most popular patterns that have been around?

The perfect pinwheel pattern has a classic, do-it-yourself vibe. It has made its long way throughout the times and still came out on top. Its vibrant colors are just the right fit for nearly anyone. This pattern was probably the first one to come around. These days there is a variety of patterns, that are getting more and more popular. Like the random splashes of bleach all over any plain black clothes are making their way to the fashion top.

As you can see, a tie dye hoodie would be a nice fit for you at any time. It's all because it looks cool, keeps you warm, and gives you that unique fashion vibe of this year. You are free to either get one from the store or get some plain clothes and dye them yourself, choose whatever you like. Enjoy the process of creating stylish clothes yourself and the result of your work. Just keep up with the trends and stay safe!