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If we ask you which skateboards are the coolest? We're almost sure you'll answer - Santa Cruz. For 40 years, the California-based company has been delighting skaters with quality boards and equipment and super-stylish clothes for street athletes. Sport chic, athleisure, and street style - these trends left no choice: a hoodie Santa Cruz (and more than one!) will now be in the wardrobe of not only every skater but also an admirer of street sports fashion.

Santa Cruz Hoodie

Santa Cruz Hoodie. A bit of history

It all started when hardcore skaters Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman founded NHS in 1973. Since then, the small California-based business has grown into a multi-million dollar giant. The company revolutionized and moved skateboarding to the next level. They started using ball bearings, urethane roller skate wheels, and roller skate trucks. The guys took up their first large order, and in a short time, they produced 500 skateboards. So the first popularity came to a small company from Santa Cruz. With their products, they have made a massive contribution to the development of skateboarding.

We should mention the company logo separately. The official logo painted on all products is the yellow inscription "Santa Cruz," inscribed in a red circle. Another official Santa Cruz skateboard logo is the screaming hand. This drawing was invented by Jim Philips back in 1950, but the founders of the company began to use it as a logo much later. Today, the screaming hand is a symbol of uncompromising skateboarding.

At the same time, as the company grew, so did the range of products. At first, it was only skateboards. Then the company began to produce snowboards. Currently, Santa Cruz merchandise includes hoodies, t-shirts, caps, and more. Santa Cruz hoodies are trendy among young people. If you still don't have a sweatshirt with this bright logo in your wardrobe, now is the time to fix it! Feel free to add the Santa Cruz hoodie models to your wish list for 2021. Our selection contains only the best of them.


5. Santa Cruz Women's Other Dot Boyfriend Hoodie

The hoodie is perfect for both streetwear and military-style. Also worth noting is the logo on the left side of the chest and the back. That is the official company' logo. Since Santa Cruz Women's Other Dot Boyfriend Hoodie is sewn from high-quality and dense knitwear, wearing such clothes is very comfortable and pleasant. The cost of 1 hoodie on the website is $ 56.99. 

Santa Cruz Women's Other Dot Boyfriend Hoodie

4. Screaming Hand Hood

The hoodie is suitable for both men's and women's wardrobes. The oversized screaming hand logo accentuates your outfit, highlighting your personality, because this is not just about clothes, but about philosophy. Black and white are always winning, and soft lines are very nice. From the point of view of graphics, that hoodie looks fantastic. The cost of 1 hoodie on the company's official website is $ 50.

 Screaming Hand Hood

3. Santa Cruz Other Dot Kids Hoodie

The designers have created these bright clothes for children in the best traditions of Santa Cruz. These hoodies are comfortable and practical because, in addition to excellent material, they have a comfortable, free fit that does not hinder movement, allowing you to feel great, whether you are walking or studying at school. The cost of 1 hoodie on the website  is $ 40.

Santa Cruz Other Dot Kids Hoodie

2. Japanese Dot Fade Hood

Stylish people should pay attention to the white sweatshirt with a Japanese logo from Santa Cruz. Hardcore clothing creators decided to create clothes for saucy and energy nature. Mega trendy unisex sweatshirts with a bright logo on the chest and back will become the favorite clothes for the active person and people who know a lot about fashion. The cost of 1 hoodie on the company's official website is $ 46 in stock.

 Japanese Dot Fade Hood

1. Classic Dot Hood

This classic unisex hoodie with the Santa Cruz logo will easily fit into an office, youth, romantic look, so we strongly recommend that you pay attention to this item. With Classic Dot Hood, you can shape a new outfit with pants, jeans, shorts, and even skirts. With just one hoodie, you can get unique sets in non-trivial solutions. The cost of 1 hoodie on the website is $ 59.95.

Classic Dot Hood

Everyday star

Hoodies from Santa Cruz have long been a favorite of skaters. They have become so famous that they dressed in TV shows, the most popular stars choose these clothes for their everyday wardrobe. Everyday celebrity looks are comfortable and straightforward. At the same time, celebrities always try to dress tastefully, and according to the latest fashion trends. We worth learning from them a harmonious blend of styles, such as sports with classics.

We could see the Santa Cruz hoodie-wearing on Sam McCarthy on DEAD TO ME in Season 2, Episode 6. In casual wear, Sam also prefers discreet, laconic models. The actor chooses the color scheme with a black and gray predominance, often dressing in black from head to toe.

Sam McCarthy wearing the Santa Cruz hoodie

Huge fans of skaters clothing are members of the famous music group 5 Seconds of Summer. We can see Ashton, Calum, and Luke very often in Santa Cruz clothes. Singer Ashton Irwin in everyday life, prefers to dress very simply and comfortably. An almost invariable addition to everyday looks is his hair and classic hoodie from Santa Cruz.

Singer Ashton Irwin wearing Santa Cruz hoodie

Calum Hood has repeatedly admitted in his interviews that he dresses like a simple person in everyday life. And it is true! We can see the musician wearing a Santa Cruz hoodie. Calum also adds an exclusive "accessory" to his everyday look - a dazzling direct smile, for which people all over the world

In everyday life, Luke Hemmings prefers neutral images in which he looks "like everyone else." The star often chooses regular T-shirts, sweatpants, trainers, and oversized hoodies. In choosing clothes, he prefers the Santa Cruz brand.

Fashion design by skateboarders

If you are impressed by the freestyle of clothing in the best traditions of skaters, then you should consider buying a Santa Cruz hoodie. The variety of women's and men's clothing models will surprise you, from the classic black or white hoodie to the flashy sweatshirt with a screaming hand. Such a wide assortment will satisfy even the most fastidious customer.

It is easy to create different looks with these hoodies, and most importantly, you will look stylish in any of them.

Memorize how to look as cool as real skateboarders:

- Fans of restrained style know how to look stylish even in one color scheme. Take the white Classic Dot Hood. This shade will be warm and cozy for the winter of 2021. And if you learn to adjust the color tone's depth and combine different things and shoes with it, the image will not become monotonous.

We can obtain compelling images of the contrast of tenderness and brutality from a mix of men's and women's wardrobes. Classic trousers, oversized Screaming Hand Hood from Santa Cruz, as well as a strict coat - these are things from the man. But the brimmed hat is a purely feminine accessory that will look great with rough shoes and make the image recognizable.

- It isn't easy to find for yourself the same bijous as for skateboarders. But imagine how stylish it will look with a Japanese Dot Emboss Zip Hoodie and a similarly designed backpack and wrist bracelet, one-on-one like a street athlete.