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Rick and Morty Hoodie

In the early 1990s, when the first series of the Simpsons cartoon series came to light, the world was captured by the wave of popularity of prints with cartoons in clothing, accessories, interiors, and entertainment. Now, adults not only watch cartoons but also get stoned by cartoon style. This article is about Rick and Morty hoodie. And if you like cartoons but are afraid to look silly in cartoon print clothes, then we will give you some tips on how to wear them!

Rick and Morty Rush to the Rescue 

The popular American sci-fi animated series Rick & Morty, which first aired in 2013 on Cartoon Network, is a kind of parody of the iconic 'Back to the Future' franchise. The slogan - "Science makes sense, the family doesn't." The story tells about the unrestrained adventures of a brilliant scientist Rick Sanchez who suffers from alcohol addiction and his naive but sometimes bold 14-year-old grandson Morty Smith. After the old man moved to live with Beth and Jerry, his daughter and son-in-law, he set up an entire research laboratory in the garage of the house, where he regularly puts dangerous experiments, wishing to learn all the secrets of the universe. Thanks to a portal gun of its own making, he seamlessly moves between measurements, where a lot of enemies have made a living. Only the support of Morty and his older sister Summer help Rick to get out of the water constantly.

The animated series was worthy of competition with the popular Disney Gravity Falls at the time and reached a wider audience - because watching the tandem alcoholic and schoolboy turned out to be more interesting than the adventures of Mabel and Dipper.

The popularity of Rick and Morty is gaining momentum. The animated series has received 16 television awards, including the Teen Choice Awards in the nomination for the Choice Animated TV Show and the Critics' Choice Television Award in the nomination for the Best Animated Series. At New York Comic Con 2014, Oni Press editor-in-chief James Lucas Jones announced the release of a comic book adaptation of the cartoon series. And on January 13, 2016, Adult Swim Games released a parody of Pokémon - Pocket Mortys, a free role-playing game for iOS and Android developed by Big Pixel Studios. The plot is based on the series "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind".

If you have not seen this animated series, you should take a look! Immerse yourself in the incredible and thrilling adventures of Rick and Morty, filled with absurdity, thrash, and brain-wrenching humor. After reviewing which does not leave the thought of "what the hell, I just looked."

Rick and Morty

Interspace Rick and Morty Hoodie

Rick and Morty hoodie was originally designed for cartoon fans, but have become so popular that hundreds of people around the world use it. So head to the space portal with a drunken, crazy grandfather scientist for some weird and wrong adventures! with the stunning graphics print of two of your favorite cartoon travelers you will feel great in an alternate reality!
Ripple Junction was the first in 2018 to a patent hoodie with Rick and Morty. The seller specializes in sportswear with prints on popular movies, anime, cartoons and video games.

There are also stores that solely specialize in goods on Rick and Morty cartoon theme. Here you will find not only clothes but also accessories and household items with the characters of animated series. The price is $ 45.99 a hoodie.

navy Rick and Morty Hoodie

CHENMA Seller specializes in selling hoodie prints with animated series such as Naruto, Rick and Morty, Pokemon, and more. For the hoodie with Rick and Morty, the seller will ask for $28.

black Rick and Morty Hoodie

You can buy hoodie ones Ripple Junction for an affordable price of $ 35 to $ 58 depending on the fabric type. The cut-out sweater is a high quality, super comfortable blend of 50/50% cotton and polyester. Additional features include air-resistant yarn, sleeves, ribbed collar 1x1, cuffs, and a spandex belt. Orange security meets ANSI - ISEA 107 High Visibility standards. Unisex sizes. Standard sizes vary from small to 4x large, depending on the design. All hoodie have unisex style, so suit both boys and girls. For your comfort, you can choose either a classic hoodie or a hoodie with a zipper.

It is recommended to wash inside with cold water; hang or dry in a washing machine at low temperature. To achieve long-term use of hoodie we recommend not to bleach or iron. The peculiarities of the print with Rick and Morty is that the skinny catches your eye that makes you different from others.

Give a hoodie as a birthday or Christmas present to your child, friends, relatives - you will see they will be delighted. But do not forget to please yourself a bright and comfortable hoodie with the print of Rick and Morty.

cartoon Rick and Morty Hoodie

Cartoon Dress Code

Clothing, especially T-shirts and hoodies, with "adult" prints is easily combined with jeans, shirts, and bombers. Prints with heroes of the cartoon series will not look comical at all if balanced by their office wardrobe elements and neutral color scheme.

Ideas for the female image: a hoodie with cartoon characters Rick and Morty, a tight pencil skirt, ankle boots or thick heels, and a briefcase. For men, it can be a combination of the hoodie with Rick and Morty with a shirt and jeans and add sports shoes.

girls cartoons hoodie

This style is very comfortable and attractive, so millions of people around the world dress this way. Well-known people keep up with the trend. The fact that Kanye West is obsessed with the Rick and Morty adventure is known to everyone. The singer claims to have watched each episode of the animated series at least 5 times. Recently, Kanye West was spotted stepping out of an office building in Burbank, California wearing a hoodie blue-and-white that shouted out one of his onscreen inspirations, Rick and Morty. In this way, Kanye West has the perfect look. 

Kanye West Hoodie

In this article, we talked about America's most popular sweaters – hoodie Rick and Morty prints. The graphic drawings look bright, dynamic and chic, in vain that they were drawn by the best Hollywood illustrators. With such stylish clothes, you are guaranteed success!