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peak performance hoodie

Since 1986, the European brand Рeak performance has been producing clothing focused on the comfort of athletes. Professional skiers Stefan Engström and Peter Blom were founded, who know, like no one else, what most value in clothing by sportspeople. According to them, things should not prevent people from going in for sports, but, on the contrary, should provide comfort. The philosophy of the brand says: Love adventure! Clothing should complement your love of stunning natural landscapes and active lifestyles.

Today Рeak performance is the most famous brand of Scandinavian clothing. You can find showrooms in over 20 countries around the world. By the beginning of the new millennium, the Peak Performance assortment had grown to three hundred positions, the number of new technological ideas exceeded two thousand. From down jackets for climbers to swimwear, from hoodies for walking in city parks to clothing for sailors sailing in the Arctic and Antarctic. 

In 2020, when many borders have closed, but healthy and active people do not want to slow down their sports life, the collection of hoodies for everyday activities has become especially popular. Urban clothing that allows you to jog from work or cycle around the neighborhood. In general, live and enjoy every day spent in the splendor of nature.

You are ready for anything

The brand has established itself as a progressive clothing brand in casual and sport-chic styles. Peak performance has clothing factories in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Turkey, and Romania.

In that places, designers create Peak performance hoodies for modern people who value comfort and aesthetics.

Peak performance hoodie design characterized by an original combination of classics and modern urban fashion trends. Thanks to this, the brand's clothing is stylish, original, appropriate in various situations that emphasize people's individuality in the mountains and the conditions of a multi-million metropolis.

The brand produces the hoodie with a three-component concept:

1. Variety of styles. Peak prefers not to limit its customers to one style. The brand's capsules are created in different style variations (urban sports style, color compositions), allowing you to choose an outfit for any occasion, combine other clothing elements, and create a unique image.
2. Excellent quality. The company is engaged in the production of clothing "from-to," guaranteeing excellent product quality.
3. Compliance with the latest trends. Designers follow fashion trends and take them into account when creating hoodies.
When we talk about Peak performance hoodie, we are talking about freedom. To be able to take every opportunity and know that you are ready for anything. From the slopes to the streets, from the bike to the bar, from work to the gym. That is Peak Performance.

Freedom from Peak performance

Peak performance hoodies position themselves not only as stylish but also comfortable clothes. It aims to make people feel comfortable, confident, and attractive in Peak's clothing. Let's take a look at the hoodies that have become bestsellers in many countries around the world.


ease hoodie dam

Designers make this hoodie of soft, light cotton knitwear, which is perfect for the summer season. The clothes include flat seams and embroidered logo. It is spacious, comfortable, and does not restrict movement.



Designers make this hoodie of the iconic textile as part of a series of seasonal garments. These highly valued clothes are durable and create a luxurious feel. It has a strong zipper and a logo. Pay attention to the particular holes for the fingers on the sleeves. Hoodie goes well with shorts and joggers.



That is a hoodie - an absolute Peak Performance classic, made of branded cotton knitwear with soft fleece inside. Due to this, the hoodie is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and highly comfortable to wear.



That is a comfortable and elastic hooded sweatshirt made of moisture-resistant and quick-drying material, which provides you with warmth and dryness even in extreme conditions. The clothes include a tight-fitting hood, which offers comfortable warmth to your body.

As we can see from this selection, Peak Performance remembers its origins, but at the same time, the brand has rethought its attitude to every aspect of modern life. Peak Performance Hoodie is an advanced technology, functionality, and quality that linked with the current design!