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oversized hoodie

The trend for baggy clothes started on the streets with an oversized hoodie being a gonfalon of hip hop revolution. For decades it was neglected by “official” fashion, but eventually, even couture designers forgot their skinny pants, tight-fit dresses, and muscle hugging shirts, and went loose. Runaways and high-end boutiques are now stuffed with chunky fits, relaxed cuts, and hyperbolical silhouettes.

A roomy hoodie transformed from a gym top to a fashion must-have. It is versatile, unisex, and comfortable. It covers up shapes and hides if you are slim or curvy, make legs look longer, and gives a cool hip-hop or a relaxed laid-back look. It also has tangible benefits like freedom of movement and air circulation. It will keep you warm while allowing you to create an awesome stylish outfit with a flair of sartorial confidence. 

Rihanna and Kanye West in Oversized hoodie.
Rihanna and Kanye West in Vetements hoodie. Source:

A staple of any rapper wardrobe went mainstream, following the appearances of Kanye West in his chunky hoodies and the trend for athleisure. Streetwear superstars like Off-White and Vetements and luxury brands like Balenciaga and Versace alike have bulky hoodies in their collections. It is not only athleisure essential but a fashion statement. With this short guide, we’ll help you to make the most of it.

Choose Your Oversized Hoodie

Oversized does not mean “big,” it has to have the right fit. Wearing your brother’s clothes is totally fine for Netflix and chill, but it’s best to have your own purposefully roomy hoodie. It will have a correct sleeve length and structure. You don’t want to look stretched or scruffy, do you? If you normally wear size S, in XXL you’ll look silly, like you’re wearing dad’s sweater. As a rule of thumb, you want the ribbing on the wrists and hips to sit well. The perfect length is just above the fly of the trousers (for men, for women it doesn’t matter that much). Check the sizing measurement or try it on to be sure.

Your oversized hoodie also shouldn’t be too big and too thick to leave the layering possibility. It’s common to wear a jacket or coat on top. So think about the fabric and thickness. We recommend a middle-weight hoodie.

Consider colors and patterns. A white, gray or navy hoodie will be the most versatile and practical piece. They will work with most of your wardrobe. Our favorite option is black because it is flattering to most body types and skin tones. Logos and graphics are fine but keep them to a minimum, they might draw too much attention. As for patterns and bright colors, they could work if you are extra brave. 

champion oversized hoodie
Extra large, extra cozy, Champion oversized hoodie

Pretty much every brand is offering an option of an oversized hoodie. You can go high street and buy a nice piece at Topman, H&M or ASOS. Streetwear brands like BAPE or Supreme prefer heavyweight, which are considerably more expensive. Champion Reverse Weave line is an ultimate classic. If you want a luxurious feel, premium companies have oversized hoodies made with cashmere or lambswool. Check shops of Sunspel and Brioni if you are looking for the highest quality and exclusivity.

Black Hoodie Dress

Black Hoodie Dress by Stanley and Stella, $74.50 

Tips to Create a Perfect Supersize Look 

Now it’s time to create an outfit. It can be sexy or dramatic, smart casual or street chic. The general rule is to make it cozy and comfortable, but not sloppy. 

Keep Balance

Pair an oversized hoodie with something tight. For example, skinny jeans, tight pants or leggings. Play with color combinations: even a bold pink hoodie will work with neutral denim. Ripped jeans are a great addition for a street casual look, while yoga pants will make you look sporty. 

white champion hoodie

Try to avoid baggy pants, otherwise, it will look like you have drawn in clothes. Make the contrast with a form-fitting bottom. 

An oversized hoodie with shorts can make a sexy outfit. It makes your legs look longer, both with over-knee boots or massive sneakers. The same way you can wear a hoodie with a dress. Just make sure it is long enough to cover what needs to be covered. 

Pair a large hoodie with a skirt or layer it with a dress. It will look unexpectedly feminine, with a slight tomboy vibe. The length can be as long or as short as you want. It is also a great choice for chill weather. Your favorite flowy dress will look playful under a large hoodie.

black oversized hoodie

Italian blogger Chiara Capitani at Milan Fashion Week.  

Play with colors

You can’t go wrong with a monochromatic look. Wear a gray hoodie with a gray skirt. It is trendy and easy to put together. It looks like a sports suit, just more interesting. If pieces have different textures and are made of different fabrics (think about cotton plus velvet), it will look even more interesting.

japanese hoodie
Source: Vman Station Store

As an option, you can get a bold yet relaxed look with a bright or logo printed hoodie and a pair of chinos.  

Add Layers 

A hoodie with a blazer or coat is classic. But you can also throw on a biker jacket for a bad guy flair and edgy finish. A trench will give you a more sophisticated look for chilly nights. You can even pair a hoodie with a denim or suede jacket or even a bomber. Add contrast in colors or texture for a cool appearance. Start layering with a light tee, a long shirt, then put on a hoodie, jeans and an outwear. If you do not want to be too hot, opt for thinner material.

best choice of hoodie

Define the Waist 

Pair your oversized hoodie with a belt or cropped leather jacket to draw attention to the waistline. The belt should be a wide one, though. Otherwise, it won’t be seen. The belt will jazz up an entire look and underline the silhouette.

Choose Accessories 

Hats, bags, pins or jewelry can dramatically elevate your look. You can turn up the sleeves and add a watch or bracelets for a little sparkle. 

A structured bag will make the ensemble classier. Choose between a slim handbag, a leather briefcase or a clutch. A backpack is an option too, but a way more laid-back. It’s better to keep your accessories small.

As for a hat, nothing looks better in a streetwear look than a baseball cap. But have you tried wearing a hoodie with a fedora? 

black hoodie
Source: Joel Mcloughlin on

Finish the Look with Footwear

There are tons of options here and the choice of footwear depends on your overall style and the bottom you paired with an oversized hoodie. In general, heavy ankle boots or chunky sneakers are a safe choice for a casual evening out with friends.  For a more feminine appearance try over-the-knee boots or even hills. 

Get Inspired 

Search Pinterest or follow social media accounts of your favorite celebrities and street fashion bloggers. Oversized hoodies are a trend now, so you will find some inspiring ideas for sure. Don’t be shy to try something new, bold and creative.

jeans jacket with pink hoodie

An oversized hoodie is a statement on its own, but you can elevate your style with the right pair of the bottom, layering, and footwear. Styling supersize clothing is easy, you just need to follow a few rules to look fashionable: 

  1. Choose a hoodie in neutral colors
  2. Your hoodie should be designed to fit large, not just a regular piece in a bigger size.
  3. Layer it with more tailored pieces
  4. You’d better have only one oversized item in your outfit. In our case, it is a hoodie. Pair it with a more fitted bottom.
  5. Or break any rules and just be yourself.