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A cat in clothes is always cute, stylish, and adding an aesthetic pleasure. Cute purring faces become even more wonderful and charming. 
You can go for a catwalk, a photo session, or just warm your pet in cold weather. Let your fluffy pet get all the attention it deserves.
We got 7 of the most adorable and trendy hoodies for cats.


Hug Me - Hoodie for Cat

Cat Hoodie Hug me

Style your cat with a comfy pet hoodie with sleeves. This fashionable hoodie will keep your kitty warm this winter. Festival, holiday, travel, formal occasion - your pet is protected from bad weather everywhere. And the dense material will protect against drafts in journeys.
Polyester & silk. Available in black or gray colors.

Buy on Apolo.


Cotton Fashion Cat Hoodie.

supreme cats hoodie

The laconic design makes your cat looks stylish and cool. Suits the best way for weddings, parties, and photos. Easy put on and take off. A slit for inserting a leash on the backside. Soft natural cotton does not restrain your pet's movements and it will not be too hot. 
Besides, you’re up to choose any color: white, black, red or pink.

Buy on Lollimeowpet.


SECURITY Hoodie for Cat.

security hoodie for cats

Your cat decides who is allowed to enter your house and who is not. 
After all, everyone knows that cats are the owners of the house. Don't let your guests think they'll be able to slip through without showing the cat the respect it deserves.
Moreover, it's super stylish! Isn’t it?

Buy on Boujeecat.


4. Purple Cat Hoodie With A Pocket.

purple hoodie cat

Hoodie pocket, it's so practical! Surely your cat has something important to carry with for a walk or visiting friends.
Practical design and super-lightweight, non-soiling fabric - all for the feline who likes to dress up. 
Such a great thing is a must-have in your cat's wardrobe. 

Buy on Cat-toure.

5. Nautical Hoodie for Cat.

Nautical Hoodie for Cat

Powerful contrast and long striped sleeves are the best for a pleasant walk over the Capetown’s port! Or for an adorable sea-style photoset. Can you resist this handsome sailor?
A variety of sizes - from a small kitten to a solid, profound cat who is used to eating well.
Choose one for your expressive pet.

Buy on Hoodcatco.


6. Winter Koala-Hoodie.

cat koala hoodie

Cats and koalas are two of the cutest animals in the whole world. 
But what do we have up here? Double cuteness! Double sweetness! And double warm.
Get a koala-hoodie to keep your cat warm for long autumn and winter evenings and nights. And as a bonus, you’ll get an ability to use it for taking the cutest videos ever.
Buy on Meowprestige.

7. Nude Dude Hoodie.

Nude dude cat hoodie

And finally, a hoodie especially for hairless cats.
For hairless breeds, it is most important to keep warm and cozy. 
The delicate skin of hairless breeds needs special care. This soft 100% cotton hoodie for cat will keep your pet warm without restricting its movements. 
In addition, a hilarious print will perfectly suit your “naked” pet.
A variety of colors is available. The manufacturer recommends choosing lighter tones for darker skin and brighter colors for light skin tones.

Buy on Etsy.

When choosing a hoodie for the cat, consider your pet's physiology, habits, and seasonal conditions.
So, for home use, a suit made of thinner material is more suitable. For walking on the street - probably need something dense and not easily soiled. Something elegant for a show, festival, or another event where you and your pet are invited. And for a temporary change of style and photosets, you can choose a more daring and funny look.
Clothes will always protect the pet from hypothermia and drafts during long-term transportation. But do not forget that it must be light and practical to use, and most importantly, comfortable for your pet itself.