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Christian Hoodie

Clothes we wear do not define who we are. But our personality defines the statement we want to make with the apparel. Our style declares our mood, thoughts, and values. If you are a true Christian and want to spread the word of Jesus, the fashion industry has catered to you. T-shirts and hoodies with faith quotes and blessings are increasingly trending. Not only you can showcase your beliefs and inspire others, but also look stylish and feel comfortable. 

Haute Couture Faith. Christian Hoodie

Faith and religion have been inspiring designers for decades. Elsa Schiaparelli created an evening gown embroidered with the “keys to the kingdom” in 1939; Gianni Versace decorated a molten gold dress with a full-length cross in 1997; Jean Paul Gaultier had a full angelic collection in 2007; Dolce & Gabbana featured a jeweled print inspired by Byzantine mosaics in 2013; and Givenchy put the saint’s face onto men’s sweatshirt.  These are just a few examples presented at New York Met’s exhibition Heavenly Bodies in 2018.  When you see these pieces, the connection between high fashion and church becomes obvious: both operate subtle visual codes to explain complex ideas. 

ean Paul Gaultier 2007, Dolce & Gabbana 2013, Givenchy Men’s SS 2013

Left to right: Jean Paul Gaultier 2007, Dolce & Gabbana 2013, Givenchy Men’s SS 2013
Jerry Lorenzo, one of the most influential menswear designers, named his brand Fair of God. He is not afraid to showcase his faith and the source of inspiration. His clothes do not have direct quotes from the scripture, but their spirit is Christian in essence. 

Music artists also use religious symbols to emphasize their connection with God and the audience. Pop queen Madonna did so back in the 1980s, wearing cross-shaped jewelry. But Kanye West brought the trend to a whole new level. He twisted religious symbolism in support of his new album Jesus is King. The merch line is rather controversial in terms of religion, but it is an object of desire for many street fashion fans.

Jesus is King Christian hoodie

Kanye’s merch. Christian Hoodie.
It looks like the rapper is using religious messages for personal gain. These clothes do not have any spiritual value, they are just for fun. But this is not always the case. There are brands that truly devote their work to Christ. And you will be surprised how well they are designed.

Modest No More

Christian clothing used to be very covered and modest in old times. Women wore dresses with long sleeves and skirts, men went to church in suits and ties. This is very different from what we now call Christian clothes. There is no dress code to attend a service anymore. And there is no more need to hide and cover yourself. Moreover, organizers of Christian Fashion Week argue that there is no Biblical basis for prohibitions and restrictions in terms of apparel.

Most churches now encourage an informal dress code. This is how hoodies became a usual thing at a Sunday service. To gain popularity among youth and teenagers some megachurches started to produce its own merch. There is nothing new about churches making clothes, but the level of design is now cooler than ever before. With the support of A-list celebrities and fashion influencers like Justin Bieber and the Kardashians, these clothes might be the next big street fashion trend. 

Here are some churches you can get your next stylish Christian hoodie from. 

1. Zoe Church

This merch looks in line with the most prominent streetwear brands. LA-based church sales hoodies in bold colors and designs, as well as other apparel and accessories. Some of them have quotes, others - just the name of the church. They might be not very inspiring in terms of religion, but definitely very stylish.

zoe church

Justin Bieber wears a Zoe Church Christian Hoodie. Source:

2. Fresh Life Church 

Fresh Line has 12 locations in Montana, Utah, and Oregon, but its online shop selection is pretty humble. However, there is a cozy-looking gray hoodie “Keep it Fresh”, a windbreaker with a song quote and a denim jacket with the word “Flourish” and a rose on the back. One of the most impressive Christian designs they had was a shirt inspired by Jesus' command to be "wise as serpents and innocent as doves." The price for a hoodie is $40.


Hillsong is a charismatic Chrisitan megachurch originating from Australia and spreading across the world. According to its website, around 100,000 people attend services each week. Its online store has a variety of streetwear pieces from sweatshirts, sweatpants and tees to bags and hats. A hoodie costs $45.

4. Elevation Church

This North Carolina based church has an extensive shop with thoughtful designs. A lot of pieces are inspired by Elevation Rhythm’s songs, like “Never Walk Away” or “See a Victory”. These apparel are supposed to attract attention and help in spreading the world. 

orange Christian Hoodie

Elevation Church: An orange Christian hoodie with song’s lyrics costs $30

5. Vous Church

This church is famous for its pastor, Rick Wikerson Jr, who married Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in 2014. Justin Bieber also attended its services (though it seems like he visits most of the megachurches occasionally). There was a big conference in 2019 and now the online store has a lot of fashion-forward merch from it. You can find not only faith hoodies but sweatpants, tees, bags, and even socks. 

It looks like with the help of fashion-influencing celebs, the Scripture-inspired logos are becoming more and more familiar to hypebeasts. But for megachurches, apparel is not the main focus. It is just another way to earn some money and attract new parishioners. On the other hand, there is also a number of apparel brands, who devoted themselves to Christianity.

Brands That Make Cool Christian Hoodie

First of all, Christian clothing brands promote ideas of contextual modesty, affordability, sustainable fashion, and ethical labor practices. To be considered Christian, a brand must not only represent Bible values but also produce and sell only high-quality items. These are companies that strive to teach the world about Christ and the Gospel. They make love, honesty, and integrity their core priorities. 

Glorifying God can look fashionable. Best Christian apparel brands aim to keep you up with trends and stylish looks. There is nothing wrong with a faith hoodie that matches your streetwear style. Quotes from scriptures and spiritual symbols make perfect designs for hoodies and t-shirts. Moreover, casual apparel makes a powerful method to spread the word and witness faith. Maybe they can ignite a spark of hope and happiness in a stranger.

Here are a few examples of such brands. 

1. Christian Strong
A brand to warm your body and spirit. It has very vivid designs that express the beliefs of Christians. The apparel looks stylish and fun. It allows you to showcase the faith proudly without looking too preachy. The brand says, its goal is to represent Christians and inspire them in a stylish and affordable way. Very few shops have such a vast collection of creative designs. 

Christian Strong Hoodie

Jesus Loves Me & My Tattoos Hoodie, $27

2. God Is Dope

The brand is a righteous disruptor in the streetwear world. It urges to express your faith in your own way in order to bridge the gap between God and the youth. The company also put marketing efforts on media platforms: Youtube series, Instagram page, and Airbnb lodge. Their hoodies are 100% cotton, perfect for the cold season.

God is Dope
Grey God is Dope Christian Hoodie, $60

3. J Sign

The brand strives to make it easy to share God’s word. J Sign stands on a position that spiritual clothes can be stylish and fun. These hoodies accompany us every day, just like our faith. The company presents itself as a premium apparel shop. They also sell dresses with Christian slogans, pillows, mugs, cell phone cases and more. Apart from own shop, the brand sells on Amazon, promises quick delivery and does custom orders.

J Sign

Comic Jesus Christian Hoodie, $45

4. Saved

A brand features a limited yet creative collection of Christian streetwear, like sweatshirts, tees, and hats. Its mission is to spread a message of life, greatness, and entity. They make their hoodies with the mid-weight fleece; the fit is loose. The model below has the writing that says “The one who endures to the end will be saved”.

Saved hoodie

Endure Hoodie by Saved, $65

5. CXXII Apparel

This brand adds scripture to street culture. Along with quality materials, a variety of abstract though simplistic designs makes the apparel unique. This grey hoodie is inspired by Jer. 29:13 verse: "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." CXXII Apparel also encourages customers to share their stories on how they found Jesus. 

Have you found him hoodie

Have You Found Him Christian Hoodie, $65

There are of course many other brands that create hoodies with Bible quotes, blessings or religious symbols. Some of them are more creative than others, but all strive to deliver high-quality and aesthetically satisfying apparel.

Bonus: God is my Strength. Black Hoodie, $49.

Christian Hoodie

Expressing Faith Through Style

A Christian hoodie is a great way to honor God and express your faith in any moment of your life. You can wear them for a walk to do shopping or while relaxing at home. This apparel makes it easier to practice lifestyle evangelism. You’ll make a powerful statement in a comfortable and stylish way. 

There are tons of clothing brands that can help you to showcase your individual style as a Christian. They have different vibes and designs, but all preach the concepts of love, hope, and unity. So just find whatever suits you and share the gospel that fills your heart.