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From the 30s of the last century, when the hoodie's main task was to warm the handymen, and until today, when these clothes are in everyone's wardrobe, regardless of age, status in society, and sex, people have always been comfortable in it. While a hoodie is considered the "king" of clothing because of its practicality, a blank hoodie is regarded as the "king of kings" because of its versatility and convenience. Therefore, it is a hoodie that is a must-have for the fall 2020 season, the fall 2021 season, and so on.

blank hoodie trend

Blank Hoodie Mass Trend

No one will argue with the fact that the Champion company came up with the first hoodie. But today, after a long journey between soccer fields, protests, and model podium, hoodies have become one of the most iconic status symbols. In almost a century, the simple Champion hoodie has gone from warehouse to Vogue's homepage.

With streetwear now an industry in its own right, a blank hoodie is both a staple and a catalyst as this evolution continues. Some hoodies boost the wearer's street authority of the wearer only at the expense of their branding. Zara, Uniqlo, Carhartt, and Stradivarius have already released their blank hoodies, which have become the season trend. The modern hoodie has taken on the status of an ultra-niche community by combining streetwear awareness with uniqueness.

Choice of stars

Blank hoodies are the favorites of the stars. They wear them up for various occasions, from going out with friends to the red carpet!

Kim Kardashian

"Hoodie chic" is a great trick for those who want to look cool at the lowest cost. A rebel at heart, Kim Kardashian can often be seen “on Louboutins” and in a blank hoodie.

Kim Kardashian blank hoodie

Charlotte Le Bon

The Canadian actress and fashion model also prefer to combine classics with "sports style." Who would have thought that a blank hoodie would look so cool with a plaid coat to the floor?

Charlotte Le Bon

Justin Bieber

The younger generation is trying to keep up with show business sharks. So, Justin Bieber appeared on the red carpet of the MTV EMA ceremony in 2015 in ... right, a blank hoodie red - to match the flooring color. 

Justin Bieber

What clothes to combine blank hoodies

Blank hoodie - a win-win purchase! Moreover, it is a very durable and cost-effective purchase in terms of investment in a wardrobe. Blank hoodies go with anything. You can pair a blank hoodie with any other style. The only rule concerns layering: it is better to wear thin clothes under the hoodie and bulky garments on top. Here are some unique hoody combinations worth taking note of. 

For women

Blank Hoodie & Dress

The line between casual and chic wear is blurring more and more. If you want to reduce the pathos of a dress a little, there is no better combination than an empty hoodie with sports shoes. By the way, if you change your sneakers to ankle boots, even in a strict office environment, this will not collect surprised looks. The main thing is not to forget about tights - if we are talking, of course, about cold autumn.

women blank hoodie

Blank hoodie and trench

You can wear an oversized trench coat with a blank hoodie. You can enhance the relaxed look with silk slacks or baggy sweatpants. It is better to focus on a metallic accessory - a backpack or shoes. Any blank hoodie in the mass market will work here - these are usually not difficult to find in the men's department.

style blank hoodie

For men

Blank Hoodie and Classic Coat

To not look trite, you need to remember the main rule - a blank hoodie and pants should not be from the same suit. Leave straight sweatpants for a trip out of town - in the city, joggers (loose knitwear with an elastic band at the ankle) will be more appropriate.
Let the rest of the clothes for this look be a little more strict: a classic coat, a beanie hat, or even a wide-brimmed hat will add contrasts. But on our feet, we boldly put on sneakers - convenience is above all! 

Men blank hoodie