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Baja Hoodie

In the early 21st century, vintage style in clothing and accessories received a "second respiration" and captured the hearts of millions of people around the world. Fashion houses started to produce numerous vintage collections with ethnic elements from different nations. Today, ethnic vintage is a trend not only in clothing but also in accessories, interiors, and music. Some people think that looking stylish takes a lot of money, but it's not. In a short article, we will talk about the Baja hoodie as a modern and comfortable interpretation of the Mexican style and delve into the history of ethnic vintage and talk about how to look vintage without spending a lot of money.

A Little Bit about the History of the Baja Hoodie

The vintage ethnic style reflects the trends of the past century's fashion of individual peoples, but these things do not look boring or old. Vintage clothes, shoes, and accessories look stylish and sophisticated at the same time. The Baja hoodie makers have taken on the rural romance of the Southwestern peoples and combined vintage clothing with nanotechnology modeling and tailoring. Therefore, in the Baja hoodie, you will look gorgeous and modern at the same time.

Baja hoodie is the result of mixing several eras and cultures, which has undergone a change from the well-known Mexican poncho to the modern and comfortable hoodie. Who created the poncho remains a mystery, but they were likely Indians. When the conquistadors arrived on the mainland, the Indians wore ponchos everywhere. Europeans liked such comfortable clothes. Over time, ponchos as an item of clothing have appeared in all corners of the world. Poncho gained new popularity in the 1960s when American and European youth favored vintage clothing that would distinguish it from most. And today the poncho is transformed into a Baja hoodie, taking the luxurious fabric that made the Mexican poncho and combining it with a modern and comfortable design. In Mexico, this type of hoodie is called "sudadera de jerga", which refers to the often recyclable material, or "canguro", which refers to a branded front pocket or "kangaroo pouch".

History of Baja Hoodie

Why Choose the Baja Hoodie for Your Everyday Style

Baja hoodie is sewn in our day and imitates a vintage Mexican poncho. Designers of such lean designs recreate the style, cut, and decor used in the last century. "You will never go wrong in the classics" - this is the slogan of the brand El Paso Designs, which in its collection "Vintage" turns fashion to Baja hoodie. Baja hoodie with a wide V-neck, large hood, side cuts and front large pocket made of 100% eco-friendly processed raw material grown on the blessed Mexican lands. Therefore, such clothing is not only stylish but also environmentally friendly. 


The fabric imitates the handmade work on traditional wooden looms. It is soft and pleasing to the body, making hoodie fit for everyday use. This material is resistant to stains so that you do not waste your time removing them. Because natural fibers can lose their properties, clothes need machine washing only in cold water in a delicate mode of washing. The hoodie can have a warm backing that makes it versatile to use in the heat and cold, both on the beach and in the mountains. Bright and unique ornaments make typical look stylish and unique. The richness of colors and the variety of ornaments make the person who wears a Baja hoodie. The hoodie is the perfect gift for yourself or your other half, giving Baja hoodie - you give comfort, comfort,  and warmth.

Baja Girl Hoodie

How to Combine Baja Hoodie with Your Style

The vintage style remains trendy in 2020. Therefore, creating a cargo image can turn into an interesting quest for you. Some people even watch movies, read books and magazines of the last century to keep up with the fashion trends of years past, and properly create their cargo image. You do not need to spend extra time, as you will now get basic tips on creating a style of cargo.

1. The basic thing that will become the basis of your style is the Baja hoodie.
You can buy them on Amazon from such well-known sellers as El Paso Designs, Virblatt-us, Peacock Deals.

Sellers offer hoodie ones with three different patterns: classic, diamond, and zig-zag. 
The classic pattern, in the form of a rectangular weave, gives the clothes a truly vintage look that is timeless. The hoodie fabric is a blend of acrylic, polyester, and cotton. These things are an order of magnitude cheaper than other types of weaving because the material of the product is cheaper and easier to handle. The price of such a Baja hoodie is thin in the range of $ 20 to $ 35.

men baja hoodie

The pattern of a diamond. This is a more modern look at the Baja hoodie. The type of fabric is the same as in the classic pattern, but visually it looks different because of the complex textural interweaving of a large number of thin threads. The price of such a hoodie range from $ 40 to $ 65.

women baja hoodie

The zigzag pattern is a 2020 trend. A brand new look at the Baja hoodie. Thanks to the ornament, the product looks stylish and unique at the same time. Even the most demanding buyers will appreciate this pattern. The price of such a Baja hoodie is thin from $ 20 to $ 40.

modern baja hoodie

As we can see, the prices for Baja hoodie are very democratic, so anyone can afford to look stylish.

2. Appearance consists of the harmony of its components of clothing, shoes, hairstyles, and accessories. Therefore, to top off your vintage look, you need to add a pair of low-heeled shoes for women and sneakers or gym shoes for men - these are the shoes that are in your closet. The accessories fit perfectly into a thick-rimmed hat and glasses. As for the hairstyle, it can be like a hippie - thick curls and artistic mess on the head. You will look stunning without spending a lot of money. Just four simple components: a Baja hoodie, matching shoes, glasses and/or a hat, a hippie hairstyle - and your vintage casual look is ready!

selfie in baja hoodie


3. In your appearance, to be trendy and feel comfortable, everything must be in moderation. So take advantage of our short tips and be unsurpassed.

This short article focuses on the visual appeal of the Baja hoodie, but one should not forget that the Baja hoodie is comfortable in the first place. The product combines versatility with different air temperatures, practicality, and unmatched tactile fabric qualities. If you still do not have this trending thing, our strong recommendation is to buy a Baja hoodie and appreciate the beauty and comfort of this outfit, as we have appreciated it!

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