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Lyrical lemonade hoodie

Not only Kanye West knows a lot about clothes. Young talent Cole Bennett took the merchant concept to a whole new level with the Lyrical lemonade brand. Clothes from Bennett very quickly managed to gain popularity among fans of the rapper and become the best-selling brand among fans of urban youth style.  

Today, Lyrical lemonade clothing boasts an assortment of colorful T-shirts to understated monochromatic hoodies. In this brand, Cole has expressed his personal preference for clothing choices. The youth style collection surprised with its diversity, actively promoting the widespread trend of "hip-hop."

The popularity of Lyrical lemonade merch directly depends on Cole himself's fame, which he altogether received after Bennett's video for Lil Xan went platinum in 2018. You can relate to his clips in different ways, but with the fact that Cole announced themselves quite loudly, you will agree. Today we are talking about the popular lemonade hoodies from the famous clip maker and what clothes you should combine with them so that you can always stay on-trend.

Lyrical lemonade hoodie. Incredible collaboration with FaZe

Bennett Cole has collaborated with FaZe Clan to create a limited-edition capsule collection of hoodies and t-shirts, which later became a full-fledged clothing line. A gloomy and stylish vision of the street-goth trend from Lyrical lemonade in a contrasting monochrome color with a black and white dominance in the author's design and cut - all this is the limited line of FaZe Lyrical Lemonade.

Hoodies from Lyrical Lemonade and FaZe are available in 3 colors: blue, gray, and black. The classic color dilutes the bright lemonade package logo with the FaZe Clan emblem. It is worth noting that the logo is made in the form of a patch, not paint. You can purchase the clothes for $ 100 per piece on the official lyricalfaze website. You can also buy original hoodies on other sites but at a higher price. 

Yes, it seems Bennett and the guys from FaZe Clan have a shared sense of style and love for music. Hip-hop is so powerful and challenging, but at the same time, sincere. Maybe that's why Lyrical Lemonade garments are so popular? Having a Lyrical Lemonade Hoodie in your wardrobe is a way to tell the world that you will not tolerate lies, falseness, and hypocrisy!

Lemonade Hoodies

If you like the Lyrical Lemonade philosophy and are thinking about choosing a versatile and practical hoodie, we are ready to give you some advice. Read our Top 3 of Lyrical Lemonade Hoodies.

Lyrical Lemonade Hoodie 100% Real Music

Lyrical Lemonade hoodie 100% Real Music

That is the most popular option among Lyrical Lemonade Hoodies - a black solid color hoodie with a bright and large print. Lyrical Lemonade 100% Real Music logo lets you highlight your everyday style. This hoodie will perfectly complement various looks for sports, parties, and even for work where there are no strict requirements for workers' appearance. The hoodie is suitable for any figure, and this is its absolute advantage.

Lyrical Lemonade Hoodie

Lyrical Lemonade Yellow Hoodie

Add color to your look with this yellow hoodie. That is a very comfortable and cozy hoodie that does not hinder your movements. Since the designer made the hoodie from a warm material, it is suitable for any outdoor temperature. Buyers note that the hoodie works well when worn in the fall and spring when worn over a T-shirt and cold winter when worn under warm outer clothing. This hoodie is not only bright but also practical to wear for most people.

Lyrical Lemonade x FaZe Carton Hoodie

Lyrical Lemonade x FaZe Carton Hoodie

That is our absolute favorite! This hoodie will suit everyone, regardless of their sex, age, or profession. The clothes go well with jeans, joggers, and even a pantsuit. Elastic bands on the cuffs and at the bottom of the hoodie will perfectly highlight your figure. A bright logo will set you apart from other people.

Lyrical Lemonade Hoodie - Clothes for everyone

Girl Lyrical Lemonade Hoodie

Don't assume that Lyrical Lemonade Hoodies should only be worn by men, no! How many incredibly cool look for women you can create with a lemonade hoodie.

- With a skirt. A solid Lyrical Lemonade hoodie matches perfectly with a straight skirt. Don't forget to accentuate your waist for a more feminine look. You can do that with a belt or by tucking a piece of the hoodie into the front of the skirt. For a sporty look, sneakers are suitable.

- With a pantsuit. You can wear Lyrical Lemonade Hoodies with a pantsuit instead of your favorite shirt or T-shirt. But the jacket of a trouser suit should be specific: a little oversized so that the hoodie looks organically under it. Choose neutral shoes: white sneakers or classic pumps.

- With wide flared trousers. The combination of classic pieces and something sporty is the basis of modern style. You can combine the Lyrical Lemonade Hoodie with high-waisted pants, a double-breasted trench coat, and pumps. 

Pink Lyrical Lemonade Hoodie

For men, the following combinations in clothes will be interesting. 

-Ripped jeans, a biker jacket, white sneakers, and a cap are the perfect match for gray or white Lyrical Lemonade Hoodies. You can go for walks with friends or visit events and places where you do not have to adhere to the dress code in this form.

- A shirt, Lyrical Lemonade Hoodie, wide jeans, lace-up high boots are great for outdoor trips.